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opends error

Hi eveybody,

I am to a customer and I meet this error when I try to install a TMS software on a VMWARE ESX :


Someone can help me plz

Martin Koch

First of all, please always mention what you try to install it on,

Like how much resources does the vm session have, which operating system you use.

if this is a complete fresh windows installation or some existing server, which windows server version

and which upgrades are installed, if its a new tms install or an upgrade, ... do other services run on the same server

and so on. The more info the better.

It also points out to a logfile, did you check if this one tells you more?

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Hi Martin,

It's a new installation.

I don't know where to find the logfile ?




The error message you posted points out to the log file.

The 2008R2 64bit shall have at least 4gb ram. Anyhow I would recommend more, like 8.

I only see 3 in your system info, that could be an issue.

I would check that all tms and opends remains are removed, the latest upgrades incl .net4

are installed, the memory is increased and after the system is started up new try to install it again.

I do not think that is should cause an issue, but If that still fails, I would try it with the English

installer and also try to set up a fresh win2008r2.

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Magnus Ohm
Cisco Employee


I have seen this issue occurring due to some group policies, if the server is part of a domain try to unjoin it from the domain and do the installation again. This happens because the opends service does not start for some reason and it makes the "Installing LDAP" part of the TMS installation take quite some time before it gives you this error.

The opends will be corrupted (since the server is not started and the installer is unable to launch the configuration script) but the TMS installation will be fine. It is fixable post installation as well, TAC can help you with this. BUT If you are planning to setup provisioning I would set up the provisioning extension instead of using the legacy TMSAgent (assuming you are installing TMS 13.2.x). If you are not planning to setup provisioning at all (Jabber / Movi) there is nothing to worry about this this error unless you want to / need to set up provisioning using the old provisioning model.

It's an issue we have seen around and the reasons are sometimes different. It also might be that the next installation attempt will be successful. 

Hope this was somewhat helpful...


Hello Magnus, Martin,

Thank you for your feedback.

I found the solution. The file I tryed to install was a upgrade to version 13.2. And in first time we must to install the original install file before to make the upgrade.

I installed the version 13.1.2 in trial mode and after installed the upgrade version with the release key.

Many thanks for your information,

Best regards,

Christopher MAILLEUR.

Hei Christophe!

Great to hear that you found a fix for your problem!

Anyhow it is strange to hear. Could you let us know which exact installer

(name, size and download location) you used?

In general use the cisco download site which would be for TMS:

The TMS installer should not care if its a upgrade or install, its the same for both scenarios.


Please remember to rate helpful responses and identify

Hi Martin,

Yes, it's strange I recognize ! The Telepresence will always surprise us !! 

Many thanks !

Christopher !

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