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password reset on TMS

muazam ali

Hi Guys,


I have tandberg management suite and i have forgot the password, can anyone help to tell the procedure how to change the password from SSH or console.


Oleksandr Yurchenko
Rising star
Rising star

Hi muasazam

TMS is software for Windows Server (2003/2008/2012) and use windows user.

Your task is to connect to WindowsServer with admin rights.

Ask windows guru.


br Oleksandr



ok lets suppose i have admin rights for windows but after that how can i change the password of TMS?

Change  your windows account password.

page 27:

To log into the Cisco TMS web application, users must have a Windows username and password that the server is configured to trust. By default, any local Windows user account will work, as well as any Active Directory domain user account if the server is a member of an Active Directory domain. The first user to sign into Cisco TMS is automatically made an administrator and will have full access to Cisco TMS


br Oleksandr

Hi Oleksandr


Thanks for your finding and reply but the thing is i dont have the password of user which is trusted with TMS, in this case what should i do to get the access back

TMS does not have/store any passwords, it just uses the underlying authentication available on the Windows server it's sitting on, whether that be a local account or a domain account if the server is on a domain. If you know the name of an account that has the rights you need in TMS have the Windows admin change the password of that account and you should be good.