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Siva chinap

PMP + and SMP+ Clarification

Can any body make me understand how PMP + and SMP + license works, there are two scenario when ordering through CUCM and seperately with VCS?

Manish Gogna
Cisco Employee

Hi Siva,

Personal Multiparty plus (PMP plus) provides a named host license assigned to each specific user who frequently hosts video meetings. Personal Multiparty plus is an all -in-one licensing offer for video conferencing. It allows users to host conferences of any size (within the limits of the Cisco Meeting Server hardware deployed). Anyone can join a meeting from any endpoint, and the license supports up to full HD 1080p60 quality video, audio, and content sharing.

Shared Multiparty plus (SMP plus) provides a concurrent license that is shared by multiple users who host video meetings infrequently. It can be purchased at a reduced price with a UCM TP Room Registration license included when purchasing room endpoints, or it can be purchased separately. Shared Multiparty plus enables all employees who do not have Cisco UWL Meeting licenses to access video conferencing. It is ideal for customers that have room systems deployed that are shared among many employees. Each shared host license supports one concurrent video meeting of any size (within the limits of the hardware deployed). Each Shared Multiparty plus license includes two Rich Media Session (RMS) licenses for the Cisco Expressway, which can be used to enable business-to–business (B2B) video conferencing.



where found this relation 1 SMP ==> 2 RMS  ?

Im purchase 28 SMP and never received RMS (56 RMS about your words)

Hello Siva, did you receive the RMS licences as well?

Elias Sevilla Duarte
Cisco Employee

From and endpoint perspective, (call it MX or SX) if the endpoint is registered with a user imported in CMS, it will use a PMP (Personal License).

If the endpoint is registered using a user not imported in CMS, it will consume a SMP license (Shared License), and other endpoints registered using a user not imported in CMS would use that licenses, so basically it will be shared among several endpoints.

I hope this helps.

Hi Elias,


So if I have 30 SX endpoints in 30 different locations but usually no more than 20 endpoint join to conference everytime. Do I need to buy 20 PMP or 20 SMP?

In other words, if I want to buy just 20 license for the 30 endpoints, do I need to choose SMP or PMP?

Depends on how you want to license your end users for conferencing. PMP is based on named host, so each user that would want to host a conference would require a license, where SMP is based on concurrent conferences. So if you go with PMP, you'll require a license for any user that will be the host of a conference, however if you go with SMP, you can get away with a small amount of licenses as long as the total number of concurrent active conferences doesn't exceed the amount of SMP licenses.  In both licensing models, there is no limit to the total number of participants that can be in the conference, your only limitation is based on the avaliable hardware resources.

Thanks Patrick

I got an email containing your earlier reply, before you edited it.

You can limit the number of participants using the API, see the Cisco Meeting Server API Guides, it's covered under Participant Related Methods.

Regarding the use of PMP and SMP: PMP will require you to license each user that you would want to provide the capability to host a conference in their name, SMP will allow anyone to host a conference regardless of who they are and you only need enough licenses for the number of active concurrent conferences.

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