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Polycom VSX registration with Cisco VCS

Hi Experts,

I’m working on video deployment for Cisco VCS starter Pack first of all I have registered all video endpoints (two polycom VSX 7000, two Ex90 and Movi clients) registration will be done by SIP , VCS will be allocated inside the network (no firewall on this stage)

***** Implementation plan ******

I need to be able to call from any Cisco video units to Polycom video units and same from polycom to Cisco video units.

***** Implementation issues *****

Currently I’m able to call from Cisco endpoints to polycom but from polycom can’t call Cisco endpoints even that all Video units is register fine on VCS starter pack (default subzone).

*****VCS logs *****

I have reviewed VCS logs for call which is not working from polycom to Cisco endpoints and I found this error Detail="found:FALSE, searchtype:INVITE"

Log details:

tvcs: Event="Search Completed" Service="SIP" Src-alias-type="SIP" Src-alias="19702@vcs.sp" Dst-alias-type="SIP" Dst-alias="sip:18711@vcs.sp" Call-serial-number="67966ece-9844-11e1-820f-0010f321e4ea" Tag="67966faa-9844-11e1-9095-0010f321e4ea" Detail="found:FALSE, searchtype:INVITE" Level="1"

already I configured new search rule to polycom video units but still no hope.


saeed idris

Martin Koch

Can you see that: 18711@vcs.sp is registed and that you have a search rule with a target for your local zone?

Besides the event log, the search and call history are of interest, in this case especially the

"search details", there you can see more what happened during the call setup.

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Anju Josua

Dear sidris,

sorry for disturbing.

i wanna ask about your configuration in vsx7000 to vcs.

do you integrate vsx7000 to vcs using sip or h323?

i still cannot call to callmanager endpoint.

please help.



Hi Saeed,

as other mentioned do you see your polycom endpoint registered ? need more details about your deployment.

are you sure about registration of VSX using SIP only? could it be possible that you have registered with H.323?

because if its H.323 then you need a search rule or transform to strip the domain.



Hi Anju,

We have some VSX7000s here connected via SIP and H.323 to our VCS.  The configuration is quite simple.

On the Network/IP Network screen on the web interface of the polycom, just fill in the relevant H.323 details, ie

H.323 Name:

H.323 Extension (E.164): The E.164 number for the device

Use Gatekeeper: can be Auto if you have all the correct SRV records in DNS, otherwise set to Specify

Primary Gatekeeper IP Address:   ie 123.456.789.012:1719 - you need the port number on the end.

You can then also configure for SIP if required:

     Enable SIP:

     SIP Account 1:

          Transport Protocol:

          Authentication Name: ie



          Registrar Server:

          Proxy Server:

That should be pretty much all you need to do as a start to get it working.  You can then tweak the other settings more if required.



Please remember to rate responses and to mark your question as answered if appropriate.

Please remember to rate responses and to mark your question as answered if appropriate.
Anju Josua

Dear Wayne,

i already can make it works last week :).

yes, it just as you describe, for sip use the authentication name.

Anyway, thanks for helping.




First I would like to apologize for not reply on time since i was  on holiday for two weeks with zero internet access, anyhow I'm glad  that Wayne was able to assist you ...just want to add some quick  comments:

- Yes, I was able to register VSX to VCS using SIP....but if I used SIP it's not working properly no calls from Cisco to 

   polycom  (both directions) only its work fine with H323 the VSX is powered with old IOS (which release back on 2005)

   and I can't upgrade it due to no support with polycom so I have only one chance with H323.

- I created one transform for each polycom unit to any call from SIP to be translated to IP address of Video unit. (for

   instance to call 122@my sip domain ... replace to polycom IP address (H323))

hopefully it will help.



Which version of the Polycom software are you running on the VSX7000? is the latest.  You should still be able to get a support contract on the device to get the newer version as it's still a supported product (but only until June 2014).

There are also, from my experience, a couple of different models of the VSX7000.  One reports in TMS as a 7000, the other as a 7000A.  The "A" version seems to be the one with the VGA port on the back of it.

On the "non-A" version, we've not been able to successfully get it to work simultaneously on SIP or H.323, it's one or the other.  The "A" version will register on both.



Please remember to rate responses and to mark your question as answered if appropriate.

Please remember to rate responses and to mark your question as answered if appropriate.
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