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PrecisionHD Camera not working with WebEx meetings

I am the proud new owner of a PrecisionHD Camera for my Mac.   It works with Jabber Video and other Mac applications (Photobook, Skype,...) fine... but when I try to use it in a WebEx Meeting I get an error message saying "your webcam appears to be improperly configured or in use by another application" (or words to that effect).

As these are two Cisco products I'm sure they should be able to work together.  I am pretty sure the PrecisionHD Camera is NOT in use by another application.

Another thread ( seems to suggest that it could be a firmware issue but I have no idea how to roll back or forward the firmware, and even if this would help.

Ravi Yadav

Hi Richard,

Most probably the  issue is that any of the active program is using the camera hence you face the issue on webex.

did/can you try a reboot of pc and after that the first thing is you use the webex.

for the firware you can download the exe file from

below link may help you

hope that helps


Ravi kr.

Cisco Employee

Hello - I have the exact same issue - with a new MAC Book Air - there are not application running in the background and the Camera Icon is "geyed out" - Whislt when I'm using Photo Booth it works


Do you know what version of firmware you're using on your PHD USB cameras?  I've seen it sometimes where if it isn't up to date, the camera won't be detected by Jabber Video, even though other programs do work.

As noted by Ravi above, you can download the most recent firmware from, current version is CC1.5.0.

I'd suggest you try and update the camera, see what happens then.  You actually check the version of firmware the camera is using by opening up a program that does detect the camera and close the lens shutter, the firmware version will appear on the screen when the shutter is closed.

Hello Patrick - Sorry i was not clear - the Mac Book air has a builtin camera - the camera does work when I'm using Photo Booth but not with Webex & Movi -

the google message suggested to change the "driver" to use an older one but unfortunatly that did not work either.


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