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Problem with Cisco telepresence VCS and h.323 endpoints


i need some help about Teleprecense VCS (software version x7.1)

cannot connect endpoints with h.323 protocol, after reset to factory default.

i missed all values of zones and search rules

I can make calls in sip mode but no in h323 mode

thank for your atention and sorry for my  english

best regards from Chile

Patrick Pettit
Cisco Employee

HI Jorge - I guess my first question is, is H323 enabled on the VCS? Any alarms on the VCS indicating links missing etc?

What endpoints are you trying to connect? Are they both registered? Not registered? What does the search history say in the VCS?

Need some more detail to try and help you. 



Hi Patrick

Thank for you answer

- H.323 is enable on the VCS

- The endpoints are two sx20 codecs at the same LAN segment

- 1 alarm of link missing (solved with command    xcommand DefaultLinksAdd)

- Both endpoint appear registered on VCS

I cannot establish an h323 video call

but yes in Sip mode

Patrick Pettit
Cisco Employee

HI Jorge - Thanks.  What does the search history on the VCS say when making the H323 call can it find the unit? Can you confirm? How are you dialing?

Would help to see network log level set to debug on VCS. Go to: Maintanance>Diagnostics>Diagnostic Logging on VCS.

Set network log level to DEBUG and start log.

Place failing call.  Once it fails, stop logging, and if you don't mind, post it here if you want to, or send Private message if you wish so i can take a quick look. 




Ask Patrick says search history would be very useful, as would details showing the registrations h323 id - it could be a transform issue depending on search rules you have

Sent from Cisco Technical Support iPhone App

I think that is a calls license trouble

in the VCs show as follow

And there is your problem - no non-traversal licenses nor any traversal licenses, which means you will not be able to make any calls at all.

You said you did a factory default reset, this would have cleared all the option keys as well, so you need to re-enter these keys. I hope you wrote them down before doing the factory default reset?

If not, you should be able to retrieve these through the Cisco Licensing Portal, or, if you can't, either e-mail licensing@cisco,com or open a TAC case.


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Hi Jorge,

you can get the license by writing to and provide the VCS serial number.

But just a note when you did the factory-default doesn't it ask you to save the option keys ?



Tomonori Taniguchi
Cisco Employee

Based on SN shows in snapshot, your VCS has valid service contract.

Here is option key registered on your VCS.

  • Non-Traversal Call Option: 116341X10-1-11581F4D
  • Traversal Call Option: 116341Y100-1-3ED73970
  • Interworking GW Option: 116341G00-1-A535FD35

Once you install first option key, you should able to make H.323 (or SIP) native call.

Please note, as Alok mention earlier, is right contact point for any license related question.

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