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Problems with Polycom Video Conferencing

Has anyone experienced any issues making calls (over IP) with Polycom VSX7000's behind pix/asa firewalls? Despite permitting open IP access between the two units, one unit will call and it will ring continiuously with the other side not receiving it. I also checked the firewall logs and it does not record any hits from either unit. If I had the same units call another site without a firewall (or at least a firewall that is running software version less than 7.0), it goes through fine. The firewall doesn't block it either because I don't see any deny messages but something is interfering with the call.


Yes, we had similar problems a while ago. First, make sure you are using fixed ports on the Polycom units. Also, there were some other issues with a Polycom MCG-50 that were resolved by upgrading the PIX 515E firewalls to v7.2(1) [7.22 is current] Dumb question dept: Is there a NAT translation for these in the PIX? Also beware the default DSCP values for Polycom products are different (DSCP 6, If I remember correctly.)

Thanks for your reply. Yes, I made sure that both units have fixed ports. Both firewalls are running 7.2(2) as well. The firewall at one end is running in transparent mode and no NAT is being performed, and on the other side its a static NAT translation (private address resolves to its own) so I guess there is no NAT being performed on it either.

The edge routers have a QoS policy and I see that its set to dscp EF whihc theoretically works with Polycom VCs?

Hi guys,

I currently have the same issue. We are not using NAT and we have a site to site VPN tunnels between the 2 sites. The traffic between the two sites is wide open.

The problem appears only with a Cisco ASA running 7.2.2

I have QoS enabled and set to dscp EF.

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