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BW Dijk

profile 2000MXP Selfview and Layout is not working and no remote video on display

Hello I have a strange behaviour on a Profile 2000MXP.

The buttons Selfview and Layout have no effect on the display, (the remote control works on a other system)

And when I make a call to an other system, the system connects but I keep seeing my own camera image and not the other site.

It is not a firewall or a NAT issue, because the unitis is registared to a VCS expressway.

And when I check the call details I can see that there is data going both ways audio & video.

I tried several things to get the unit back on track.

- Like: putting the unit back to factory default - xcommand defaultvaluesset level:3

- Upload the newest firmware F9.1.2

- Reset the Virtual monitor

But nothing makes a difference.

I don't know if it makes a difference the original Tandberg display is not connected to the codec the client chanced the setup using a bigger screen.

The new screen is connected bij VGA or DVI-D (it didn't made a diference).

Does anyone have good Idee

Best regards,


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Amlesh Sengar


  Are you able to  get the audio? If yes then please check if the other end is sending the video and also try using different video protocols, such as H263, H261. 

If no audio present,  then how is the device connected to network.  In case there is a firewall open the relevant ports needed for media flow.

Please also check the NAT settings on the mxp. In case call is being placed to external network, configure the nat mode to on and assign public IP address that helps to route the call to external network. 



Yes we have audio and the unit is connected to a VCS E and there are no firewall issues.

Valentin Ichim

You could check VGA Mode on Screen Settings. If you use only one screen it should be Main ( not Dual )

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Valentin Ichim

Do you have the Menu on the screen ?

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On a profile only one screen is connected and set as main screen, the second screen on composite video or Y/C is not connected, I checked there is no video output. (is this normal for a profile?)

Yes there are menu's on the main screen.

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