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New Hall of Fame Member-Peter PAluch


Proximity microphne adjustment

Is there a setting to control the microphone sensitivity on the proximity system.  And not the laptop microphone.  It appears the user on the other end is hearing every paper rustle or movement... etc. 


   Quote:  In comparison with other conference attendees from ATL and Hartford, they were extremely loud and every minute movement of papers, cups, etc. was amplified.  Please check the system and see if there is a way to reduce sensitivity.

Cisco Employee

Re: Proximity microphne adjustment

I'm sorry, but I don't understand what you're asking. Are you using Cisco Proximity and doing Video calls from the same laptop, and experiencing noise in the video call?

Re: Proximity microphne adjustment

We are not using a laptop.  There is an external mic attached to the proximity system.  On a video call with several sites, one site can hear the others ok, but the audio from our site is extremely sensitive and they hear every paper rustle , tap, etc. 

Cisco Employee

Re: Proximity microphne adjustment

Sorry, but you appear to have come to the wrong place. This forum is for the Cisco Proximity application for desktop and mobile phones.
VIP Advisor

Re: Proximity microphne adjustment

From your description, it sounds like the microphone attached to the TelePresence endpoint in use has its gain too high, or is put in a spot may not be optimal for the environment it is in.  This really doesn't have anything to do with the fact that someone may be using the Proximity application to display content - it's an endpoint setting or environment issue.

The microphone gain can be adjusted on the endpoint itself.  If you let us know which model endpoint you have, what software version it is using, and what call control platform is being utilised (CUCM, VCS, Webex, etc.) we can make some suggestions on how you can go about adjusting the TelePresence endpoint settings.

Note: I have moved this post from the Proximity section of the Community in to the TelePresence section which is more relevant to your issue. 

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