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Query - Maximum TCP sessions on CTM

Hi TP People

Anyone have any idea how many TCP Sessions can run on a CTM?

Have an issue on the CTM whereby bookings all failed.  Checking the TCP sessions it was clear that the TCP sessions ramped up at the exact same time as the booking failures occured.  REBOOT & issue resolved.... still investigating.

CTM details are.....

-  HW Platform  :  7835I2

-  Software Release Version:

It has also got me thinking about how many TCP sessions each device in our TP network has to the CTM.  CTS, CUCM, CTMS, etc.  More research to be done....

Thanks for your time.

John Mc

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Re: Query - Maximum TCP sessions on CTM

Hi John,

Before going at TCP level, I recommend you going into Calendar logs.

I will use Groupware logs (DEBUG level) and verify last succesful meeting and first failure.

Each TCP socket in Linux needs a file descriptor , and there's a kernel limit on the maximum number of open file descriptors, we use a customized version for Linux and we dont publish this information.

The number of sockets that can be open on a single IP address is 2^16 and is defined by TCP/UDP not the kernel.

To gather more information about your theory, you can check system messages which is what kernel write when there are issues at TCP level, you may be able to see messages file around the time issue was reported.

We have environments with 300+ rooms | 1000+ rooms and no issue has been found for CTS-Man running out of TCP connections.

BTW which version of Exchange/Domino you guys are using and number of users/rooms ?



Re: Query - Maximum TCP sessions on CTM

Hi Gogasca

Many thanks for you informative reply.

We are running Exchange 2003, 40 TP Rooms. CUCM 8.0 & CTM, CTMS 1.7.0.

Kind regards

John Mc

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