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Question around PMP+ license usage with CMS and CUCM

For CMS hosted conferences, I understand the idea that PMP+ licenses get used when a named user with a PMP license assigned joins a space.  This seems fairly straight forward when a user with PMP logs into CMA or the Webbridge and joins a space, a PMP license is assigned as CMS knows who the user is.


However, what about users joining a space from a CUCM registered device (DX, phone, Jabber etc)?  Assuming the device is assigned to the user in CUCM, how does CMS actually know which user the device belongs to in order and assign a PMP license rather than just use an SMP license?

Cisco Employee

Hi Nick,

A few points regarding license usage with CMS:

PMP license cannot be used for rendezvous conferences. This means if you create a manual conference on CMS, that will not use PMP licenses (PMP stands for Personal Multi Party – so if you manually create a conference you cannot bound it to a user ID)


The user cospace that is created when the LDAP import is done and is bounded to the user ID so if people call that cospace the PMP license will be used.


If the user schedules a meeting via TMS, then that meeting will be bound to the user ID and will use the PMP license.


For Ad-Hoc conferences, the user that initiates the conference from CUCM must match with the user in CMS (that is why, CUCM and CMS needs to be synced with the same LDAP server) and in this case a PMP license will be used.




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Thanks very much Manish I appreciate your help.


I thought the documentation said that a licensed user needed to be a part of a conference, rather than the initiator?  Do you know of any documentation on this? The deployment guide is pretty vague.


In my immidiate case, most of the time the users will be scheduling via TMS anyway so it's not a big deal, but I'm yet to find any formal documentation around the specific cases where PMP is and isn't use.


Good point. Also, what if a CMS user adds more spaces to their user portal? What are the rules for PMP/SMP consumption? I assume if that "owner" joins one of those type spaces, then it would be PMP.



Doesn’t matter the number of Spaces, a user could create 100 Spaces, a license is only consumed when a user calls into the Space. A PMP+ will be used if they have one assigned to them, otherwise an SMP+ will be used if available.

Thanks Patrick - one more question. What if a CMS user without a PMP+ assigned to them creates a space and it is later joined by a user who does have a PMP+ assigned? Will that consume a PMP or SMP? I think the answer is SMP because the user with the PMP assigned is not the "host", but just wanted to confirm.



How licenses are assigned is outlined in Appendix A.3 of the CMS Deployment Planning and Preparation Guide.


We have read that many times but it is very high level. Here is a scenario - a CMS imported user with a PMP+ assigned creates (hosts) multiple spaces through their portal. Other users join these various spaces (my client wants to hold simultaneous "SCRUM" sessions) and the host will jump between these meetings throughout the day. He wants to know if an SMP+ will be replaced with a PMP+ when he jumps into one of his particular spaces :-)


Gotcha, I don't know for certain, but I think the license type used will be determined based on the first participant joining and remain using that license type for the duration of the conference regardless of who joins/leaves.

Thanks Patrick, sometimes we get detailed questions from our clients that are difficult to answer. Of course we could also simply test this using the API license status. Overall though, I understand the purpose of the PMP+ is to allow a single meeting to be hosted by an individual granted that attribute.


according to my understand , whenever there is a PMP+ licensed user in a meeting then PMP+ is used no matter if meeting is created by that User or TMS or CUCM. if atleast any member in the meeting has PMP+ license assigned then this license is used. if host with PMP+ creates meeting, no matter he joins the meeting or not, PMP+ will be used. 

AdHoc calls from cucm, TMS Scheduled calls with atleast 1 PMP+ attendee and anyone joining your personal coSPACE, in all these scenarios it uses PMP.


SMP is used whenever there is a gateway call. dialing from CUCM to lync on prem. etc where CMS is transcoding between 2 different legs. SIP to Lync or vice versa.

another case where SMP can be used, if TMS schedules a conference and no participant has pmp+ license.





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Is there some way to confirm that PMP+ is triggered as soon as ANYONE with a PMP+ license joins ANY CMS meeting besides testing? This is a big distinction and I don't want to mislead the client.


Also, are you certain SMP is required for Standard SIP and Microsoft SIP interworking through the CMS?


yes i am certain it requires SMP license for transcoding sip calls to Lync call in a gateway call scenario.

secondly you can test PMP+ license usage via following API GET command.


### CHECK PMP SMP LICENSE USAGE ###################



my scenario was similar to yours, we had 3 SMP license and 200 PMP+ license. when adhoc call initiated from cucm from a user who doesnt have pmp+ license .initially the call consumed SMP license but as soon as 1 PMP+ user is added in that call the license changes to PMP+ on CMS.


give it 10 to 15 sec after you add PMP+ user in a conference before using above GET command.





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Just one question, if you plan to use rendezvous conferences, in this case which license is used?


In an earlier reply there is a deployment planning and prep guide, there is an appendix that tells you when and what license type will be used.
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