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David Anstee

Question regarding dual monitor Profile 52"

Our team have recently installed a Cisco Dual profile 52" and noticed that when powering down and back on the 2nd monitor (connected via DVI-HDMI) stays in standby mode. The only way to get it on is to unplug and replug the HDMI cable.

It appears to work fine coming out of standby mode, but upon loss of power the monitor doesnt come out of standby?

We have noticed that there is an unused COM cable included with the Profile, but no documentation or mention of where this goes? Is this a cause of the dual monitor not coming out of standby?



Did the settings that Rasimyigit suggested work?

I have a several Profile Dual 55 systems and only one has this problem even though all the settings appear identical. The left monitor fails to come up, the right monitor works fine. It worked for a while but after a restart the problem is back. The system is at 5.1.1.  What worked last time was a factory reset but it didn't work this time.

Sorry have been on vacation for past few weeks, I will check and get back to you.


Hi David, Please confirm are you able to solve the issue.

I am also having the same issue on my DVI output from c60 profile. When powered on both screen will show the cisco logo. But after that only HDMI monitor will show picture, DVI-HDMI cable connected monitor will appear balnk only and needs to replug the cable for functioning.

My system is currently having software version  TC 4.1.2  and DVI output resolution is in default setting. (I think it is auto)

Sombody please confirm upgrading the software to TC 5.1.X can resolve the issue and the recomended settings for DVI output resolution.


Hi Binesh, the issue has been resolved. There were almost two threads here:

Yes, there was a known issue with tc4.2 with video ports.  Re-seating the cable ends seemed to be a temporary fix.  But, the real fix came with upgrading to tc5.1.X. Both screens display the selfview, during a call the default is meeting participants on the left display and content on the right, if there is no content, the screen remains blank.

Yes, there is a 9 pin - 9 pin COM cable included with the dual monitor Profiles.  It is not used.


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