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Recommendation for HDMI Extender for Precision 60

Hello there,

I´d like to buy an HDMI extender to cover 6-8 meters of distance.

There´s only a cat cable and I cannot replace or use a new better HMDI cable


I don´t want to buy cheap useless stuff, but some of the higher quality extenders with costs of 500+ seem a bit costly


Has anyone good experiences with midrange hdmi extenders in the last 2-3 years?


thank you

Jonathan Unger
Rising star

I have had a bit of experience with the RemoteCam5 solution from Sound Control Technologies to connect a P60 to a codec pro over a distance of about 30 Meters. It works well but costs more than $500 (about 1K here in Canada). There are other extenders out there as well.


TelePresence solutions are generally not cheap. There are several components that all have to work together to facilitate a  great experience (codecs, cameras, mics, speakers, displays, etc...). One weak link in the chain and the solution falls apart, so I generally try to reduce risk by going with proven products which are supportable and reliable as opposed to the cheapest thing to do the job. Could you get away with a cheap 1080P HDMI extender off of amazon? Possibly, maybe even probably. But if there is an issue with that component which interferes with an important meeting, the end user is not going to care that a few hundred bucks were saved during the install.


The above is just my personal view, I am thankful that we have several expert contributors in this corner of the support forums who have far more experience than myself, so I hope (and totally expect) that if my view is not generally accepted as correct they can educate me as well!


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