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Andrew Vasel

Record Movi (TMS + MSE8000 + TCS) Fails

Raising this up through TAC, but I thought I'd ask here as well...

Current environment:

Movi 4.1

TMS 12.6

MSE8000 - 4.2 (1.43)

VCS X5.1.1

TCS S4.1

When scheduling a Movi user to be recorded via the TCS (and subsequently hosted by the MCU), the connection from the scheduled conference is successful from the MCU to the Movi user but fails from the MCU to TCS recording alias.

The MCU log shows an error message of unable to read participantName for "participant.add".

TMS shows ConnectCallWarning  MCU2 Dial Failed: Description: no participant name supplied. System: x.x.x.x Interface: HTTP Command: 'Dial' Result from system: 'Error, fault code 9'

This is not an ad-hoc call so I'm not sure if  resolved caveat 84962 from the TMS 13 release notes applies here or not.


Marwan ALshawi

are you using SIP or H323 ?

in TMS you need to make sure you have the right Alias being selected as the recording, or you coul dadd the SIPURI of the TCS for example in that sechduled meeting as an external participant and the MCU supposed to send this URI to VCS to route the call ( in the case of SIP dialing ) same concept for H323 !

The MCU is H323 only so any SIP connections to it are interworked by the VCS. The TCS has identical H323 and SIP registrations.

I'm not following what you are saying about the right alias - TMS shows the E164 of the alias that I am selecting. If I manually created a meeting on the MCU and manually add that same alias as a new participant, then the TCS does connect properly.

ok in this case the TMS not sending the right alias check your config in the TMS

this prove it that config and call flow is fine !

what TMS config setting are you referring to?

Hi Andrew!

What is the procedure how you book a call for movi and the tcs?

On failed connections I would look in all the logs, VCS, MCU, TMS, this might give you some more ideas.

If its possible I would just generate user specific aliases so that they can record whenever they like it,

by just dialing in to a specific number/uri.

Please remember to rate helpful responses and identify

Hi Martin,

Under scheduling, selecting a Movi user from the Movi phonebook in TMS (or Tandberg Scheduler), setting the date/time, checking the record option and picking one of the 10 video recording aliases and submitting for booking (the MCU is automatically added in as only a Movi user and the TCS are being engaged.

I will take a look at the VCS logs (haven't seen anything to note in TMS or the MCU logs). It's hard to user user specific aliases (although we are using that as an interim solution) and offer that as a solution to the 1,400+ Movi users.

TAC is telling me that resolved caveat 84962 in TMS 13 will fix the issue. Does anyone have an environment on TMS 13 that can verify that this does work?    


I will test this for you and let you know.



Thank you,
Justin Ferello
Technical Support Specialist, ScanSource KBZ

Thanks, Justin.

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