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Release key and option key for Telepresence management suite

As to register Cisco jabber video for telepresence (movi client ) as a end point in VCS internally i did installed Telepresence management suite .And i do go for the installation without release key and it shows the license status as 

Total Client Solution Package Licenses:25
Available Client Solution Package Licenses:25
Total System Licenses:3
Available System Licenses:2
Total Provisioning Licenses:0
Available Provisioning Licenses:0
Used Provisioning Licenses:0


To register the Movi client for VCS , shall i need to get the release key and option keys for Telepresence management suite  (tms) ?.

It will be helpful if i know what all release key and option keys altogether ,needed for the movi client to register as endpoint on VCS internally .Please share the informations

Regards Akhilesh Nambiyath


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So for registration of movi client i don't need a TMS.? .

Software versionX8.2.1  
Regards Akhilesh Nambiyath

Yes you need TMS

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It would be helpful if you can share any administration guide which can explain the registration of MOVI client on VCS internally without TMS for 

Software versionX8.2.1
Regards Akhilesh Nambiyath

I am afraid, I was wrong..Please read this here..You need TMS and you need provisioning licenses.

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Yeah for the starter pack version  x5 i think we can register movi without TMS with less features .But for this version as per my knowledge need TMS .But my question is that shall i need a release key as well as option key for the registration for TMS . If i need to use TMS on demo mode with minimum users and features can i register MOVI client 

Regards Akhilesh Nambiyath

You need a release key (same as option key) for TMS and a device provisioning license key on VCS (this is free of charge, you need ask cisco for this)

Your TMS release key LIC-MOVI-XXXX where XXXX is the number of MOVI clients you want to provision eg LIC-MOVI-25 (is for 25 users)

Please read more here for a detailed explanation. The Demo on TCS doesn't have any provisioning licenses, hence you cant use Movi client in this mode.


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Just as an fyi, Jabber Video for TelePresence (Movi) will be end-of-sale next March 2015.


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