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Remote attendees cannot share screen until MX system does first

Interesting issue that no one seems to have an answer for:



-Cisco TelePresence MX700

-Connecting into Cisco Webex Meeting Room over H.323

-Remote attendee connecting using Cisco Webex Meeting Center application on a laptop


Issue as it reliably unfolds:

  • The host (Telepresence) first connects to the Cisco Webex meeting room and enters the PIN to start the meeting as host.  (fine)
  • The remote laptop then connects to the Cisco Webex meeting room and now both the host and attendee are int he meeting   (fine)
  • The remote laptop attendee tries to share a local screen, but the "2nd screen" for our Telepresence remains blank.
  • On the Telepresence, I change the default SOURCE for 2nd screen to any other arbitrary source and then click "START PRESENTING".  The 2nd screen displays the shared content for all parties.
  • The remote laptop attendee then attempts AGAIN to share his/her remote content and it updates the 2nd screen on the telepresence w/ the content.


So to recap, I must first "wake up" (for lack of a better term) the telepresence's 2nd screen with a locally shared source BEFORE any/all remote participants can share their screens.  Seems like a bug, but perhaps it's a configuration issue.


I have an open Cisco ticket for this issue, and am also talking to a Cisco Webex senior tech, but so far no one is getting back to me and it's becoming quite frustrating.



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Re: Remote attendees cannot share screen until MX system does first

This is the OP.

The issue has been fixed - turns out that I needed an outbound NAT rule on my ASA which is upstream from the device.  I have a border gateway appliance that I had a 1:1 NAT rule inbound but it suddenly dawned on me that I needed one out....

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