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Mike Supalo

Room Kit Touch 10 panels

We're looking to refresh our existing cisco telepresence end points to the newer room kit systems. What is best practice for  connecting the touch panels, do you connect them to the corp LAN or run a cable directly to the Codec? I seem to be getting conflicting info when I ask question to Cisco and my AV integrator, is there a reason for one over the other?



I mainly see arguments for connecting directly to the codec. Our installation has 400+ Codecs. The advantage of using the lan is no POE adapter (in the case of the room kit), less cable installation if for instance the table has free LAN ports.


the major downside apart from switch port cost, is the problem of connecting the touch10 to the codec. If multiple codecs and touch10’s are on the same LAN when a connection is lost, the touch10 will scan for codecs by some discovery protokoll. The user will then get a list of posible codecs to connect to - what happens when they select the wrong codec? In one room the user will make a call with a codec in another room. (Another weird thing is when doing this certain cameras show up in the list). Many times have i had to guide users in how to reastablish connection from touch 10 to codec over the phone.


it is rare to see this cross connection, but it has happend for us a couple of times. Because the connection can be broken and the user then gets to choose - l am in favor of direct connection to codec, when possible.

Nithin Eluvathingal
VIP Mentor

Both are possible and it depended on the Conference Room. If you cant directory connect the Touch to a codec and if there is an available  LAN port near to the TOUCH I suggest to go with the Lan Option. I have done both scenarios at my customer sites. 







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