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Manuel Lopez

Security Certificates on VCS's

We are attempting to add certificates onto our VCS's (x8.8.2). We have created the hash on the VCS and submitted it to our CA and received the cert back and had to change the extension to a .cer file.  we received the certificate in

Base 64 encoded certificate with CA certificate chain in pkcs7 format

Its understood that the cert MUST be in a .pem file extension in order to upload on a VCS.

How can the file be converted to a .pem file so we can upload to the VCS?

Just changing the file extension from .cer to .pem is not working, it still just a .txt file.

Appreciate any assist on this.



If the certificate is a .cer, renaming that to .pem is sufficient.  You can either open the certificate with Notepad and change the extension when you perform a Save As, or you can turn on off "Hide extensions of known file types" in Windows Explorer as the certificate might have an extension you can't see, such as .txt or similar.

Aaron Wilson

I just updated a bunch of certificates on my 8.8.3 VCS's. After I generated the CSR, I was provided with .cer files to upload. Are you positive that it needs to be a .pem file? I have used nothing but .cer for SA and server certs.

VCS requires the use of .pem certificates.  Certificates with .cer or .crt extension can be renamed to .pem and then uploaded to the VCS.

VCS Certificate Creation and Use Deployment Guide (X8.8)

So strange, I just refreshed my clusters the other week and ALL files were .cer. Everything uploaded without an issue. *shrug*

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