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Send messages and collecting feedback from the rooms using API xCommand UserInterface Messages

Hi, everyone!


I'm quite new to using the rooms API, so, what I'm asking may sound easy to you. Here's what I'm struggling with:


- Send customized alert to the rooms using xCommand UserInterface Message Alert Display.  I'd like to have a way to quickly send a predefined custom alert to the rooms. First I tried using a .bat script like this: "putty.exe -ssh user@addess -pw password -m c:\path\command.txt" in the txt i had: "xCommand UserInterface Alert Display Title:”Title" Text:”Text” Duration:30" I had no success with that, is there another way to do this?


- Ask for feedback from the users in conference using xCommand UserInterface Message Prompt. This one is the same problem that I had before, the .bat script doesn't work. Also, I don't know where I'd collect the feedbackId.


I'd like to send this messages to all kind of endpoints, SX10, SX20, SX80, Webex Room Kit and Room Kit Plus.


Thanks for the attention, sorry for a lot of begginer questions! 

Best regards,

Alexandre Ferraz


VIP Advisor

@Alexandre Ferraz wrote:

"xCommand UserInterface Alert Display Title:”Title" Text:”Text” Duration:30"

You're missing the "Message" part of the command

xcommand UserInterface Message Alert Display Title: "Test" Text: "Message" Duration: 30


Ask for feedback from the users in conference using xCommand UserInterface Message Prompt.

There are different ways of collecting feedback, there are examples on GitHub such as or as a couple of examples.

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Hi Wayne,


Could you let me know if we can custom on screen this command : UserInterface Message Alert Display

On my SX10 this message appears on top right corner and I would like to see it in center of my screen.


Behind this question : I would like to adapt this script  : customersatisfaction.js but I would like to use the screen as message support and not the touch panel - this UserInterface Message Alert Display appears good to replace UserInterface Message Prompt Display - but do you know if another command exists to display the text in center of screen.

Thank in advance.


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