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Since Cisco CE Software Upgrade, unable to navigate a Cisco MSE MCU using up / down / left to select a conference in the list



We recently upgraded several SX Series CODECs from the TC version of software to the CE version of software and now have some issues attempting to connect to far-end video bridge (specifically Cisco MSE MCUs).

I only state more specifically the Cisco MSE MCUs is that is who we communicate with the most and the hosts utilize the MSE Series.


When we had TC installed on the endpoint and dialed out to the host MCU and received the 'Welcome Message' and prompt to enter the access code.

Well there are times when we are not provided the access code and we could scroll through the listing using the up / down arrows and then use the left arrow to select the conference -- this does not seem to be the case any longer with the CE series software.


I have attempted all the buttons on the remote, but so far no luck.

We have both the TRC 5 and TRC 6 remote controls (TRC 6 being the ones designed for CE Series Software).


And yes, the TRC 5 remotes work with CE, but if you press an incorrect button you will be notified the option is not supported. However, we are unable to find a way to connect using the up / down / left using the TRC 6 remote that is supplied with CE units. 


We do NOT use CUCM in our environment.

I am wondering if anyone is aware of a setting I need to change within the software to allow this functionality again.


Thank you.





1) Navigate to Participants in the upper right corner and press OK on the remote control.


2) A menu showing a list of the participants in the call will now appear. Navigate to the participant, whose camera you want to control and press OK on the remote control. A submenu will now appear.


3) To control the far end camera / select a conference from an MCU list - navigate to Camera (number two from the right) and click OK on the remote control. 


*** Ensure "FarEndControl SignalCapability" has to be set to 'On' within the web interface menu otherwise you will not have the ability to control far-end cameras. If the option is not enabled then the ability to control the far-end camera or select a conference from an MCU list is not possible. 

Glad you found you answer.  Yes, the Far End Camera Control option is what to use to control Far End Cameras or Bridges.

The documentation showing screenshots for the Far End Camera Control can be found in the User Guide.

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