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Single screen 42 inch HD TP Solution with option of adding additional screens


Single screen 42 inch HD TP Solution with option of adding additional screens

Number of participants- min. of 6

Multipoint calling

Voice switching

Interoperability with existing Video Conferencing solution, Sony PCS-G50P

latest encryption standards

Please advise which amongst the following would be a better option:

1. CTS 1300 with 47inch( 6-8 participants) or 65 inch (3-6 participants)

2. Profile 42inch with codec C40
   What is the max. no. of participant C40 can accomodate?

3. CTS 3010.
   Can CTS3010 (6 seating capacity)setup be upgraded to CTS 3210 (18 seating capacity) setup considering future scalability?

4. CTS T3
   Since T3 can be customized, can it be installed using a single screen and later as the requirement grows two more screens can be added
   Also, each screen will support how many participants?


Also like to know:

5. TelePresence components CTMS & CTS-MAN  supported on UCS C210 platform? Pls share the link for OVA Template for Cisco TelePresence.

6. With CUCM version 8.5/8.6 onwards all third party endpoints (including 3rd party TP endpoints) if SIP compliant can directly register with CUCM8.5/8.6,
   do we still require MXE 5600 / Cisco TelePresence Server for interoperability with 3rd party VC endpoints like Sony-PCS-G50P in this case?

   However, if it is required for interoperability then, what should be used for interoperability, is it MXE 5600 or Cisco TelePresence Server and why?



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