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SIP Messages

Dany Daoud

what's the best way to download the SIP messages from Telepresence ?


Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

Hi Dany,

if i am correct you want to check the SIP messages being exchanged during the video call.

please follow the below steps:

1. take a ssh or telnet session of the codec using PUTTY.

2. make sure to enable all session output.

3. type the command: log output on

4. log ctx SipPacket debug 9

5. log ctx RTPStatistics debug 3

6. make call and recreate the issue.

7. hang up the call.

8. check the retreive logs for SIP messages being exchanged during the call.

Paul Anholt
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee


If this is for a CTS device then you can view them from the WebGUI by clicking on logs > SIP Messages

If you double click on any message in the table, it will bring up all messages with the same call-id.

Also, for CTMS and CTS endpoints log the sip messages as part of the log bundle.



Hi Paul ,

I know I can view the messages directly from the CTS endpoint, but the preconfigured filters don’t always work properly. I would like to retrieve them download them and view them. What would you recommend ?


In that case I would reccomend you download the complete log set. You can follow these instructions:

Once you extract the logs you can find the sip logs in /nv/log/sip and they should go back at least a couple of days.

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