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Speakertrack 60 and SX80

Hi - may I ask if the camera HDMI cables transmit any control signals between Speakertrack and codec or is all control via the Ethernet cable? The reason is that we have a couple of DA's in line with the codec and my engineers are pointing the finger at them as being responsible for the poor perfermance.

Am I right in assuming that Speakertrack Mics should work over the Ethernet cable and control the cameras irrespective of whether the cameras are connected to the codec over HDMI?

Thank you in anticipation,


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Yes, similar to the same question you posed in another thread - you are correct - the HDMI is only for the video signal from the cameras - all the control is done over the Ethernet cable.  Having a DA in between should not affect the video signal or performance as long as they aren't doing any weird things to the EDID information.

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Thank you Wayne - my client has involved TAC who have replaced the Speakertrack 60 as well as the two cameras. Despite this no joy when on site on Tuesday. TAC want us to replace the Ethernet control cable and HDMI cables from SX80 and test again - we have actually done that twice but that's OK we are happy to do that.

With regards to EDID, I believe that the EDID file carries the camera s/n to the codec but there is also a way to manually input the camera s/n to the SX80. Is that all it gets from the EDID file please? The cameras input HDMI to a Kramer DA then HDMI to an Extron DXP84 4k Plus switcher then outputs HDMI to a Samsung UH55F-E video wall - excellent image but no camera control. I am writing up some tests for next week and can include completely isolating the Cisco element - Cameras into SX80 then output straight to Samsung.

Sorry about replying to wrong thread - Newbie

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