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Standalone SX10 have the one-way audio/video issue after dial in the Webex meeting

     I Have a Telepresence SX10 with software CE 8.3.6, I configured it as standalone endpoint, I want to use to dial in a Webex meeting with H323 mode, if possible, SIP mode is OK for me,  but we have not VCS environment.

but it have a one-way audio & video issue, SX10 can't receive any audio & video.

   SX10 configured  an internal IP with 9.x.x.x, if it access internet, my company will use the NAT translate my IP twice,   like SX10(9.x.x.x) ~~ firewall ~~  ~~~F5 ~~~

My  h323 configuration as below

Configuration->Advance Configuration->H323->Profile 1->Callsetup Mode: Direct

Configuration->Advance Configuration->H323->Profile 1->PortAllocation : Static

Configuration->Advance Configuration->H323->NAT->Address : 

Configuration->Advance Configuration->H323->NAT->Mode: Auto . ---- I had tried it off , but failed too 


My query is

1. Any wrong configuration I use the SX10 dial Webex with H323 mode?

2. Can I register the SX10 into CUCM w/o Express C/E gateway to dial into Webex??

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Re: Standalone SX10 have the one-way audio/video issue after dial in the Webex meeting


Please make sure below ports are open on firewall in order to work properly with standalone mode-
For H.323:
Gatekeeper Discovery (RAS) - Port 1719 - UDP
Q.931 call Setup - Port 1720 - TCP
H.245 - Port Range 5555-5574 - TCP for Static
Video - Port Range 2326-2485 - UDP
Audio - Port Range 2326-2485 - UDP
Data/FECC - Port Range - 2326-2485 - UDP

Regarding your second query, you can register your SX10 to CUCM but without VCSC/E how you will be dial WebEx?
So in that case you need VCS-C/E pair to dial out.
Or you can register your SX10 with SIP on CUCM and put H323 mode as direct, So if you wanted to dial WebEx or any other public IP you can use Direct mode.



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