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Peter Anders

SX 20 Linux configuration

I need to change the role of the Admin user on the SX 20 configuration as when I am trying to change some configuration parameters through the CLI command .

When I am currently trying to change the configuration through CLI , I am geting "access denied".

I have access to the root account and can get inot the linux shell , however I need the linux commands for checking and changing the roles  of the "Admin" account .

Has anyone done this before               

Ravi Yadav

Hi Peter,

As far as i can understand you want to knwo what / how you can make changes on the linux shell to make modifications on Admin acces fucntinality.

if that is so then it may not be possible on this user level,

rest if there is something else , please provide more detailss o that we can look further.


Ravi kr.

Peter Anders

I am trying to enable different configuration changes through the xConfiguration command however when I am enabling it from the web interface when I am logged in as "admin" .

When I am trying to execute the command it is saying " User not Authorised". I have been able to log inot the SX 20 with the root account for the OS however I am not sure how to change the user permissions from the linux configuration.

Any assistnace will be much appreciated.

There are really only two account, "root" which gives access at the unix level, and "admin" which gives access at the TCShell level (for the xcommands).  There's not anything that can be changed to give or remove any further permission.

What are the commands you are trying to send that give the "not authorised" messages?

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It might be handy to know what exactly you are trying to do.

There are some api commands which you can not use, or which are only there to read out the config.

like the web snapshots, you can enable it via the menu / touchpanel but not via ssh or the webinterface.

xConfiguration Video AllowWebSnapshots: On

*r Video:

    AllowWebSnapshots: User not authorized

** end

From the sx20 admin guide which I would recomend you to check as well:

xConfiguration Video AllowWebSnapshots

Allow or disallow snapshots being taken of the local input sources, remote sites and presentation chan- nel. If allowed, the web interface Call Control page will show snapshots both when idle and in a call.

NOTE: This feature is disabled by default, and must be enabled from the On Screen Display (OSD), from a directly connected Touch controller, or via the codec's serial port (USB port and RS-232 adapter).

Requires user role: ADMIN Value space:

Off: Capturing web snapshots is not allowed.
On: Web snapshots can be captured and displayed on the web interface.

example: xConfiguration Video AllowWebSnapshots: Off

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Please remember to rate helpful responses and identify

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