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SX10 and CEC TV control



I tried to control the TV from a SX10 via HDMI CEC but the TV(Toshiba 42XV635D) doesn't recognize the SX10 as a CEC device. The TV ist ok for CEC, I tested it with a DVD Player which is working.


Is there a list of supported devices or manufacturer for CEC compatibility?


best regards


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Did you enable CEC mode on the HDMI port...   it is OFF be default... not sure why

We have pretty good luck with using CEC to wakeup and set standby on TVs once its enabled on the endpoint

Are you wanting to do more than use standby and wakeup with the CEC link? (e.g. change volume or input)

On the Sharp TVs we use... Aquos Link must be enabled on the TV



Hi juriss,


thanks for your reply. I enabled it on the webserver, also checked the configuration in the CLI. Both shows it as enabled.


Most important thing for me is to switch on/off the TV and perhaps change the input port.


Do you use a SX10 with the Sharp TV?







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I have used it on several endpoints (SX20, C40, C60), but not with the SX10 yet..

The only function that I have used/tested is the standby/wakeup

My expectation is that since it runs TC7 level software, it should have the same functionality, however reality may differ from expectations.....

I have never been a fan of having multiple inputs on the TV...
(e.g. HDMI 1 = SX20 and HDMI 2 is DVD player and HDMI 3 = Satellite TV)

Users will switch it to the TV and leave it on that input, then an inbound VTC call get no ringing and its a trouble....   or someone tries to make an outbound call and get no display need to have the users use the TV remote with 30 buttons and they cannot find the one button they need (input or source)

I do not see how the SX10 would know when to send the "Change Input" command to the TV over the CEC link

I like to leave the TV on the input that connects to the VTC system and connect other sources to the codecs spare inputs... (works with C40/C60 but not so with the SX10)

There are problems with connecting other signal sources to the codec via HDMI... like HDCP




We had the same issue with the SX10 (TC7.1.4) and the CEC is not turning on a Toshiba and Samsung displays.  We found out that there is an issue with CEC not working with the SX10's and will be fixed on a future TC release.

Anyone tested this with the new TC7.2.0?

No change with TC7.2

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I wonder what log file contains the CEC exchange between the Cisco and Display?....  

SX10 with 7.2.1  CEC on and LG Monitor with Simplink activated. The SX10 will not wake up monitor.


Cisco CEC is not supported with any LG device.



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Thanks Chris,


It seems Cisco has been bringing this up with LG for sometime now.

Is this still an issue, or is it solved by now? For LG TVs...

CEC on SX10's work - I can't for sure that there are no TV brands with an issue, but running CE8.3.1 it works with Samsungs, so it should work with any other brand. 

Yes I know that it works on Samsung TVs with Anynet+ but other brands use other types of CEC. I know that in the past it didn't work with LG's version of CEC which is called SIMPLINK. So I wonder if it works by now since a few years have passed by.

The CE9.7 Admin Guide recommends that you use specific LG or Samsung displays for guaranteed compatibiliy, but it does also mention other manufacturers CEC products:

Anynet+ (Samsung); Aquos Link (Sharp); BRAVIA Sync (Sony); HDMI-CEC (Hitachi); Kuro
Link (Pioneer); CE-Link and Regza Link (Toshiba); RIHD (Onkyo); HDAVI Control, EZ-Sync,
VIERA Link (Panasonic); EasyLink (Philips); and NetCommand for HDMI (Mitsubishi).

so, your best bet would be to enable it on your device and your display and test to see if it works.

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