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SX10 call type scenario

Hi all,

does anyone know if the SX10 need a sip registar (CUCM or VCS) to do any call? 

for example I my customer need only 2 SX10,  does he need a also a cucm or vcs for do  a call between them? 

otherwise, can I do a call between them only with ip address without any sip registar?   like 2 sx20 ..
thanks in advance,


Hello Carlo -

Yes, as the SX10 is a SIP only codec, it will need a SIP registrar such as CUCM or VCS.  If it were H323 (which it's not), than you could accomplish what you'd like and call each other directly.

Wouldn't you be able to call public IP addresses with a prefix, the same way you can call IP addresses using a SIP client like JabberVideo? I.e. if the IP address is, you'd call something like sx@ Or has this unit been hobbled so it can only be used with a CUCM or VCS?

Bit unfair if it has, considering a very reasonably priced end-point then becomes not so affordable after all.sad


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Please rate replies and mark question(s) as "answered" if applicable.

I don't have one, working on getting on though.  :(

The data sheet shows it's SIP only and registers with with CUCM or VCS.  If it were registered, then yeah, one could call prefix@IP without issues, I've done that before on many cases with other endpoints.  Though can't remember the reason they made it SIP only, leaving H323 out.

With the SX20, with H.323 turned off, you can call stand-alone SIP systems using prefix@IP without it being registered to a SIP proxy such as a CUCM or VCS. (I just did it now to confirm I wasn't dreaming angel). So, in view of this, I would think it would be possible to this with an SX10 as well, unless Cisco has restricted it somehow.

As for being SIP only, guess it's cheaper/less complex, to make a single-stack system rather than a dual-stack system - and we know Cisco wants users to move away from H.323 - as one of the Cisco guys stated in this forum not too long ago.


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Please rate replies and mark question(s) as "answered" if applicable.


that will be nice since am looking at deploying one to a client soon,

meaning with the prefix@ip it discovers the endpoints as a SIP device.




I have the same scenario, where 2 SX10 will be calling each other.

Has anyone performed the test to use the SX10 without registering it with any registrar (CUCM or VCS)?



I try with SX10 not registered to any VCS or CUCM and it work.

Like evoqued by Jens you just have to call prefix@IP.

Note that you have to go in Configuration to SIP, Profile 1 and add the prefix@IP in the URI field.




Don't you try other SIP setting? (Proxy 1 address,Type,DefaultTransport, etc)



If you meen register the SX10 to a SIP registrar, yes I try and it work.

In my case I register to a VCS Control.



My question is  poor

I mean using SX10 without  SIP registrator 

I wonder the detail of prefix@IP and other setting smiley


On SIP, let all settings as default and in URI add prefix@IP

Prefix = what you want (ex. room#1)

IP = IP address of the SX10


Hope it help.



Hi  ,

I have similar scenario, I would like to have your help for some clarification.

We do not have CUCM or VCS. Attached is my Topology.

As you said that it should work with sip in format of prefix@public-ip ,  even with out any sip-registrar like CUCM and VCS.

Is it possible through internet ( prefix@public-ip ) ? Is there any drawback like Oneway Audio or Codec issues ?


You comments regarding this Will be Appreciated.Attached my topology

It will work fine with systems which has a true public IP address, however, in your case, both systems are NAT'ed, so that might pose a problem. You may have to play around with the SIP ANAT settings in the codec.

Just gave it a quick try between a NAT'ed SX20 and a MXP system with a true public IP address; and as expected, it worked fine calling from SX20 to the MXP, but, again as I expected, not from the MXP to the SX20. Mind you, this is with NAT turned off on the SX20. The SX20 in question has a static NAT route.


Please rate replies and mark question(s) as "answered" if applicable.

Please rate replies and mark question(s) as "answered" if applicable.

You have configured Static NAT ( PublicIP pointed to PrivateIP) on the SX20 side right ?  So call from MXP to SX20 was not working.

in the SX20 side on Sip profile  - SIP URL field ,  You have added something like sx20@privateip ?


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