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SX10 "The request could not be served due to a proxy error."

I've had a couple SX10 running ce8.2 show "BAD GATEWAY The request could not be served due to a proxy error" when I attempt to access the gui. I get to the login and pw prompts when I SSH to them but it freezes once I enter the pw. It shows as registered in the UCM which is 11.0 but I can't reset it fro there. The only way to resolve it is to do a hard reboot. Thought I'd run it by here before opening a TAC case.



I am seeing similar issue with profile C60 release TC7.3.7.01c84fd.   it is registered to CUCM 10.5.2 and I can ssh it with no problem.  TMS reports No HTTP response.  Were you able to find something about this issue?  Thanks.

No resolution but I'm waiting for it to surface again and will capture logs and open a case with TAC.

I did open a TAC case but after the reload.  In our case the ssh connection was still working so I did reboot the system.   But I have another codec a C20 with ssh connection prompting for username and password then disconnect.  But I don't have this "Bad gateway" error message.

Is your codecs using static ip addresses or DHCP ?


I'm using static IP's and only get the Bad gateway error when attempting to access the gui. SSH prompts for username and pw then disconnects.

I use DHCP .... happens to some ... it might be firewall related ... I noticed but not sure though that systems I have inside my LAN have no issues but random systems going via a firewall do ... ???

Not saying it's the culprit but just a common thing ...

Chet Cronin
801-815-3539 (AFG)

Same issue with Profile 55 Dual, SX20, MX300 G2, all upgrading from tc7.3.7 to tc7.3.9.

No http response reported on TMS.

But I am able to SSH in to each device and do an xcom boot and then manually upgrade via it's GUI.

These errors all came after a Scheduled TMS Pushed Upgrade.

Chet Cronin

I have the same problem on the C40 firmware TC7.3.7.01c84fd ...

Funny thing is I have other systems with same firmware not having that issue???

I think it's a setting in the config but not sure what ??

Chet Cronin
801-815-3539 (AFG)

My workaround/fix is to upgrade the endpoint but one instance I had to revert to the previous version (downgrade).

Cisco Employee


This same issue happened with me during the lab setup. Simply restart the device, it should work. Provided if the device is registered on CUCM certain web and SSH access parameters should be enabled.


To enable- Go to CUCM-> "Device" -> "Phone" -> Select the endpoint-> "Product Specific Configuration Layout" -> select "Web Access" as HTTP+HTTPS and "SSH Access" should be enabled.



Same thing happened to me, a registered MX300 to CUCM wit web access enables showed this message.
A reboot to the MX300 solved the issue.

Hi , i had this problem too , in MX800 with ce-9.5.2 ( i already upgrade to this becouse of the same problem). 

The restart is the only way to solve it but just for a few days , sometimes the problem occurs again.

I have also TMS but phones are registered in CUCM 10.5.

Anyone has better solution to this?

Best Regards.

Meanwhille i found this bug CSCvn48200 :
, that have another workaround:
Reset codec from CUCM
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