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SX10 to SX10 calls do not connect


I'm having a weird problem and would like to see if someone out there in the Cisco community has experienced something similar and see if I can get some help to find a solution for my issue. 

So I have a few SX10, SX20, and SX80s and I'm using VCS controller and expressway. 

Everything works perfectly fine except for the last SX10 I installed. For some reason I cannot connect calls to or from this new SX10 to/from other endpoints in the same domain. Doesn't work on both h323 or sip. It just rings, I answer the call, it keeps ringing, it will not complete the call so it just drops it after a few seconds. Checked firewall logs and traffic routing; everything looks correct and no traffic is being dropped. Has anyone seen this before? This connectiong is going through a vpn tunnel since this endpoint is at a different location. Again, no traffic is being dropped on any firewall. VCS logs show all searches are fine. Call logs look good too. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.

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Re: SX10 to SX10 calls do not connect


I don’t think the sx10 can be configured to place h323 calls. This device I believe is using SIP. Make sure to set SIP on and if you have (h323) option in the GUI change it from gatekeeper to direct. Hope this helps.


Re: SX10 to SX10 calls do not connect

You can do h323 calls with SX10s now. I got it to where you can dial into it, both SIP and H323, but you can't connect any calls from it.

Re: SX10 to SX10 calls do not connect



Initially, could you check if there is SIP/H323 inspection activated on your firewall that may affect this kind of calls (withing the VPN tunnel)?


Moreover, can you confirm that peer2peer connectivity is routed correct, ie both endpoints are able to ping each-other?


You may also engage a TAC engineer to check the logs that you can capture by following the procedure described below:



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