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SX20, extending the camera cable


I have project where I would like to use the SX20 codec, due to it being having multisite at an affordable price. But locating the codec and camera together is not an option for this installation. So I need to extend the camera cable,Picture attached.

I am thinking of ordering the following gear:    SX20 Codec,

                                                                 PrecisionHD Camera 1080P12x (not the new SX20 camera), Picture attached.

                                                                 Power supply PSU-CAM-V and cat6 shielded POE injector camera extension kit CAB-PHD-EXTR

My theory here is to inject power via the camera's power supply over the Cat6 cable with the POE unit on it, to enable a longer control cable run. Then use a Kramer PT10Hxl HDMI extender to handle the video signal.

Would this work? Or does anyone know of a CISCO endorsed method/manual on how exactly to do this

Kind regards

Chris J v Rensburg



Yes. Sending the content through the HDMI extenders over Cat6 for 75 feet is the as not even using the extenders over a shirt distance. No video or audio issues from both camera or tv.

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I am planning for a similar setup.   The camera will be about 120' from the codec.  I plan to use HDSDI to run the video signal back to the C90.  For the camera control, there will be a 125' cat5 cable acting as an extention.  Do you see any issues with camera control at this distance?

I plan to plug in the camera power brick, will that cause any issues?


Hi Dan,

You will have to use a separate power brick as the control cable would not be able to provide required power

rest all should be fine as you will be using HDSDI


Ravi Kr.

Has anyone been able to extend the 4x camera?

As far as I can tell from the "PrecisionHD Camera User Guide" (, the SX20 camera cable simply integrates RS232 as the separate 5 pins to the right of the HDMI connector fo camera control.

The RS232 would be relatively simply to extend and a 15m HDMI cable will work fine for the video, however, the actual socket on the SX20 and 4x camera may prove difficult to find (obviously the Cisco proprietary plug moulds the two connections into one).

If it is not possible to extend this cable for the 4x camera, we will have to resort to the C20 instead. Tandberg were good on using standards based connectors, its a shame to see that Cisco are resorting to propitiatory connectors again.


Hi Dagerson,

Many thanks for the answers, but unfortunately no cigar this time!

It's not the HDMI part of the cable I need to extend - its the RS232 part. Unfortunately on the SX20, the HDMI and RS232 are combined into a single molded plug. In fact, you can use a standard HDMI cable between CODEC and camera, but the you will loose camera control. The RS232 is the 5 pin to the right of the main HDMI socket. Really what I want is w plug to interface with this part of the socket. Whilst extending the RS232 would normally be reality simple, this is no good if I can't interface with either the CODEC or camera.

The SX 4x camera has the same configuration as the SX20 and does NOT use an RJ45 that the 12x camera uses - otherwise it's all relatively simple as can be seen above.

If you need to know what the camera cable and interface looks like, check out the "PrecisionHD Camera User Guide" (,




My apologies, I didn't not see the 2nd part of your post. In this case, I would recommend returning the 4x camera and getting the 12x.


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Cheers Dan - but the client is NOT willing to spend the extra on the 12x camera. If the SX 4x camera cannot be extended, then the C20 is the only way to go for us (which does use RJ45 camera control port, and a sensible DB9 socket on the CODEC).

Hi Chris,

You can break out the video and control with the CAB-PHD4XS2-SPLIT= adapter, available from Cisco.  I don't know the price, but I don't think it is very much.  For the 4x SX20 camera you would need two of these (one at each end of the extension).  You would be able to go 10 meters with a CAT5e cable for control.  The camera would need its own power supply (PSU-CAM-V=).  From the posts above, a twisted pair extender should allow you to go further than 10 meters.

I hope that helps.

Yes - very much so. Certainly beets the £2500 for a 12x camera!

Hi all, I just wanted to share the information we have created for our partners after testing the Y-Cable.

You can check it out here:

Chris Conmy Technical Support – Implementation – Sales Engineering Visitec Marketing Associates, Inc

Thank you Chris, that is extremely helpful!

Ravi Yadav

Hi Chris,

That's a nice info. Thanks for sharing :)

Ravi kr.

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