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SX20 factory reset issue


Hi, Expertise,

I lost SX20 admin password, and try to reset the device on following step, but failed. PLEASE HELP.

1. Power down the system by pressing and holding the
power button until the LED light goes out completely and
the system shuts down.
*** Yes. the SX20 turned off normally based on the procedure.
2. Press and hold the power button until the LEDs start
blinking slowly (approximately 10 seconds). Then release
the button.
**** When I pressed the button and hold, the LED never blinking, the device remain POWER OFF status. no matter how long I press and Hold.
3. Within four seconds after the LEDs start blinking, press
the power button twice.
The system reverts to the default factory settings and
restarts automatically. This will take a few minutes.
The system confirms the factory reset by displaying a
notification on the main screen when up and running
again. The notification disappears after approximately
Appreciated for your help.

Magnus Ohm
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee


I saw your post and I did some tests with several SX20s and it seems like some of the SX20s are not responding to the factory reset procedure. Can you tell me the product number underneath the endpoint? P/N and the S/N (Serial number).

I am guessing you don´t have a touch panel connected to the SX20 as you can use that to do a factory reset.


Also provide the software version you are currently running. Thanks!


Hi, Magnus, 

Appreciated for your help. 

the P/N is 68-100350-02 A0+ 

the S/N is FDO191318VA

Yes, we do not have touch panel.

We opened a case to Cisco TAC team ,While Cisco China TAC team do not have solution.

When we asked for  RMA replacement, Cisco China TAC team told us they won't support our request because  it's not hardware issue.      

The software version should be 7.2.0, something like that. we have not changed the software or firmware. it should be remain the version when shipped from Cisco warehouse.



Thank you, the bug ID is: CSCux47856 (State: Resolved)

The issue will be resolved in the next maintenance release TC7.3.5.


Magnus Ohm
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

OK after some more additional testing it seems like the factory reset procedure can be executed after all , the button just does not blink. if you count to 11-12 while holding in the button and then press the button rapidly twice it should factory reset even if the led does not blink. I will file a bug for that, in the mean time I hope you will be able to factory reset your device using the workaround :)


Hi, Magnus,

We will try to do following your comments here:  " if you count to 11-12 while holding in the button and then press the button rapidly twice it should factory reset even if the led does not blink." and will update you the result.

thanks and regards.


I know this post is 2 years old almost, but we had the same problem with an SX20 version TC7.3.2.14ad7cc, and the blind reset method worked.


We timed it with a stop watch, 12 seconds, then 2 quick press of the power button (which wasn't blinking) and the unit reset after a few seconds.  Thanks boys

it worked fine!!



So we bought a new SX20 about a year ago and just got around to setting it up. Now we can't get the device to do a hard reset. When we follow the instructions of holding the button down and tapping it twice, the system goes into a cycle of just rebooting itself constantly. How do I get out of this cycle so I can upgrade the software?

Try to disconnect the camera first, then try this function again. I had a similar issue where the camera was the problem, meaning it was connected in the wrong port which created the system to reboot constantly. Hope it helps.

HA! That worked. I fought with this for about 2 weeks. Never dawned on me to removed the camera. Thanks!



I'm facing same issue and unable to reset VC unit. Anyone please help me.

Take a look at password-recovery.

Depending on the software version of the endpoint, you could be hitting bug CSCux47856.

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