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SX20 Questions

Hi all,

I'm in need of some help re: The Cisco Telepresence SX20.

We have ordered one for our new office but need to understand a few areas before we install:

1. Our vendor has provided screenshots of a custom wall mounted TV bracket so house the SX20 behind a 70" Samsung screen.

Has anyone ever done this before?  I am interested to know if there are potential heat issues.  The C60 for example gets very hot for example.  Would mounting an SX20 that close cause an issue?

2. Our vendor has currently proposed an additional Audio setup: 1 x 7937 with mics to run an audio system separate of the VC system.  We were informed the SX20 is not capable of audio and video, is this correct?  I have since noticed on this forum that people reference Cisco Call Manager integration which has made me wonder.  Please could somebody explain to me how this would work?

Appreciate your help.


Hi Ben,

SX20 is a new Cisco Telepresence Codec which can be wall mounted below the LCD. You can also keep it on a table top or bracket just below your LCD Display.

Don't keep it behind the LCD or on top of the LCD as the heat from LCD might cause issues and the IR sensor on the codec might not function well.

Now , if you talk about A/V integration. Yes, SX20 is not much of the A/V integrator codec so you should not hook up many mics or speakers using extron. Try to use the shipped accessories with the Sx20.

Now, for registration of your Sx20 - You may use either VCS ( Video Communications Server ) or CUCM ( Cisco Unified Comm. Manager ) for registering your SX20 device, depending which Gatekeeper you are currently using and the other benefits.

Hope this helps.


Saurabh Gupta



Thanks for this. 

Not quite what I had hoped.  We were hoping to mount it behind the screen but I appreciate your feedback.  We do have an alterntive option of mounting it behind the wall of the room so that it is hidden from view still so maybe this is the best option.  I was really hoping we could simplify it though with a behind the screen soltuion. 

I see from the specs an SX20 operates with a max temp 35 degrees C and the TV we have orders is between 0-40 C.  Looking at the figures we would not be too far apart.  Do you have one to confirm it does not get that hot?

We have ordered the additional microphone and was looking to use a small extron (

DA 6A) with external sat speakers.

Could you help me understand in greater detail your concern with the extron integration?




Hi Ben,

i dont think there would be any issue putting the codec behid the TV

*s SystemUnit Hardware Temperature: "49.5"  normally operates upto 50 C and after that the second fans starts rotating

howvere the threshold is .

*s SystemUnit Hardware TemperatureThreshold: "85"

so you can expect the unit working fine even after 50 C.


Ravi Kr.



I am also planning to deploy SX20 with a  Samsung smart TV, do i need to add external speakers?, or the TV speakers will be fine connected via HDMI?

Is there any extra cable that i will need?


Audio will be sent to the TV via the HDMI cable.  Depending on the size of the room and placement of the built-in speakers on the TV, you may or may not need external speakers.