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Sx20 with Precision 60 Camera

Hi, can anyone tell me if the Cisco Precision 60 camera is compatible with the SX20 codec? If it is, which cables will I need to use?

Oleksandr Yurchenko



Precision 60 only for SX80.


page 9.


You can connect to SX20 by HDMI for video , but you cannot control camera.


br Oleksandr

br Oleksandr

SX20 only supports Precision 40 and PrecisionHD 12x cameras, Precision 60 camera is only supported with the SX80 and Spark Room Kit Plus.  The PrecisionHD 12x camera requires custom HDMI and RJ45 camera cable (CAB-HDMI-PHD12XS).




If the Precision 60 camera does not work with the SX20 and now that Cisco has announced an End-of-Sale and End-of-Life for the SX20 with the P40 and 12X camera, what camera is one supposed to use with the SX20? See links below:






Is this Cisco's way of indirectly telling us that the SX20 should no longer be purchased even though the endpoint itself is not end-of-sale?


We have 115 SX20s installed in our environment and more installs to come so we are wondering what is the way forward here.


Any advice/guidance would be appreciated.

I believe your take is correct, Cisco doesn't want to sell any more SX20's. The Spark Room Kit is a better fit in the vast majority of situations where you would likely be deploying an SX20, you have the built in speaker tracking capability, built in microphone, and speakers. Keep in mind the SX20 is the oldest product in the Cisco video endpoint portfolio. 


Spark Room Kit is the way to go going forward. 

Thanks for your response!


In keeping with Cisco's new naming convention, I assume you are referring to the Webex Room Kit or the Webex Room Kit Plus. :)

Ha! Good call out.....yes, yes I am.....


Does anyone know if you can use the PrecisionHD 12x Camera's with the new WebEx Kit Plus & Pro models?  We're trying to see if we can recycle the cameras for another year or two.

There is no DB9 serial port on the new codecs, I'm not sure how you'd connect them for control. Even if it works I would bet it won't be supported by Cisco - that's a two generation separation, so for that reason I'd suggest not doing this. 

New codecs can be control through USB port, instead of DB9. It may takes a dull modem or twist the no. 2 & no.3 pin from DB9 when controlling from 3rd parties controller.

As @PJMack said, you cannot connect the serial camera control to the newer endpoints.  They will still accept the video via the HDMI, but you will not be able to control the camera for PTZ functionality from the endpoint natively.

As the old PrecisionHD cameras use a standard VISCA™ protocol for their PTZ control, you could interface them with 3rd party hardware/software and then present some In-Room Control functionality for this on the Touch10.

That will enable you to get another year or so use out of the cameras before they go end of support and need replacing then anyway.   You're probably better off purchasing the P60 cameras which will be supportable for much longer and not require the extra hassles to make them work.

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