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SX80 audio issues while dialed in on bridge



A customer of ours is having some audio issues with their standalone SX80.


At the minute they are using a Webex Solution provided by Arkadin for bridges. The problem is that when the SX80 is dialed into a bridge and other users are dialed into the bridge via a standard phone, the users on their phones hear very bad audio from the SX80, and just the SX80. The users on their phones can hear each other fine and also users joined via the Cisco Meetings App. The users joined via the Cisco Meeting App can hear everyone fine. The only issue is for phone users hearing bad audio from the SX80. 


If another bridge is used, say through BlueJeans, there are no audio issues whatsoever. Its not a hardware issue with the room setup of the SX80 as audio issues don't happen to all users, only those dialed in by phone. 


Can the audio protocol being used by the SX80 be causing this? When the SX80 is dialed into a bridge it is transmitting and receiving G.722 audio. They also have Polycom conferencing phones which have no such audio issues, but they are using G.711 audio. Is there a way to force a SX80 to use this audio protocol?



Any suggestions or a point in the most appropriate direction to look would help greatly. 

VIP Advisor

You could do some testing by setting a capset filter on the SX80 to force a particular audio codec to be used, ie to force G.711a you would disable all the others:

xConfiguration Experimental CapsetFilter: "AAC-LD;G.722;G.722.1;G.711mu;G.729AB;G.729;G.729A"

This will help you determine whether it is indeed a codec issue.  Capset filters are not meant to be user permanenly, but can be used for troubleshooting purposes to determine if it is a codec issue and an issue with your Arkadin bridging service and they way it handles the multiple audio codecs.

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