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SX80 running CE8.2.2 facing CSCvc31381

Folks, i understand that CSCvc31381 effects SX80 codecs running CE8.2.2 but my concern is that this has been a known bug since December and it effects the "recommended" code version on the most important codec as its the heart and soul of integrated rooms. Can Cisco commit to a resolution date? 


You should reach out to your Account Manager or TAC, either of them can provide you an update on the bug, if there is a resolution date known, they'll tell you.  In the mean time, you could try and upgrade CE8.3.1, which is the most recent release to date, it could be possible that the issue is less noticeable or even self-resolved, the only other option is to remain on an earlier version of CE software.

Thanks Patrick, we did approach TAC and our account manager about it. We ended up having to downgrade back to TC7.3.6 until its resolved in CE. CE8.3.1 doesn't do anything to resolve this issue. We were told that it would possibility be in CE9 GA.

Did you try upgrading from working 7.3.6 directly to 8.3.1?

Aaron, no it upgraded in the following path: TC 7.3.6 > 7.3.7 > CE8.0.0 > 8.2.2 > 8.3.1. Have you had this experience when upgrading in a different order? 

I have seen some other bugs which were introduced in a firmware version and until resolved by Cisco officially, remained in the newer firmware only by legacy. If you went back to an old firmware which was fine, then jumped to the latest, it was OK.

I'd try going to 7.3.6 and confirm its fine. Then go straight to 8.3.1. My SX80s with 8.2.2 and 8.3.1 did not experience this, but I never ran 8.0.0 on them or 7.3.7.


I see the Bug is still open. Does anyone know if this was present in earlier versions of CE8?

It was first reported to me on 8.2.2. We were a bit slow to move to CE on our SX80's due to Crestron integration. 

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