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System Name and DHCP host name...

My question is...   When a C Series or MXP endpoint gets an IP address via DHCP, can the DNS host name be somthing other than the system name.

We are aware that a static IP address and DNS entry can be setup to do this, but our preference is for DHCP service.


Endpoint System Name:    OAJ - Region 12   (OAJ is an organization and Region 12 is a geographic location)

Name that appears in TMS based Directory:   OAJ - Region 12

The DHCP FQN becomes....

The host name is created based on the system name, but additional dashes are added because spaces are not permitted is the domain as defined in the DHCP server scope

What we really want is to be able to set the host portion of the FQN separate from the system name.

We really want the FQN to be something like   but we do not want the system name to be "R12OAJVTC" because it would be akward to view in the TMS based directory.

Any assistance or info woul be appreciated



System Name and DHCP host name...

Hi Steven,

The system name (Endpoint configuration > General information > System name) on a MXP codec can be pretty much anything you'd like. It's only used for management.

Did you try this out? Do you see any problems?

Let me know if I can help you with anything.




System Name and DHCP host name...

Arne: the problem is more by today the DNS name.

If you have a DNS which gets updated by the hostame you would get what Steven describes.

Steven: sure its more work, but what you could do is to set up the DHCP so your endpoint

gets a "fixed" ip based on the mac address and for that Ip address you define a proper host name in dns.

Regards TMS, there is a option in the general settings

"Alternate System Name Rules for Endpoints and Rooms (order of name to use):"

It might work for you to set it to the h323 id first, if this is in a naming scheme which you like more.

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