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System requirements for Jabber Video

I have a small issue as follows: My customer’s using video conference system (MCU 4505 and some QuickSet C20 units). Now they would like to add some mobile sites using laptop to existing system. I plan to advise them to use Jabber solution. As I read in datasheet, Jabber solution requires Telepresence Management Suite, Telepresence Video Communication Server (including VCS Control and VCS Expressway), user licenses ( 25, 100, etc,) and Jabber software installing in laptop. However, I’m not sure about the components of this solution. Are they enough?

I also think about some other solutions such as Starter Pack Express or ConferenceMe but Starter Pack Express limits the number of users to 25 (my customer requirement is 50), ConferenceMe doesn’t allow to join conference via internet and maximum number of ConferenceMe connections are 12.

Has anyone got a better solution for this requirement?

Jens Didriksen

There's always the "free" version hosted by Cisco, might be an option if they only want a few:



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Alok Jaiswal
Cisco Employee

Hi Tien,

yes, you are right. For the jabber video you need TMS and VCS.

You need xpressway only when you have requirement for outside callers to reach you and jabber registration requires from outside.

for starter pack you can have max 50 registrations. check the below URL

appendix 3.

you can use the free jabber but not sure how much flexibility is your requirement.



Tomonori Taniguchi
Cisco Employee

Please note free jabber infrastructure located in public network so if customer has restrict firewall control for SIP signal and/or UDP media between local network and public network, you might face challenge for security policy management.

If customer is looking for 50+ mobility solution, should investigate Jabber Video with VCS, TMS and TMSPE.

VCS Expressway Starter Pack has limitation of 50 registration and 25 simultaneous call.

Thanks for your reply,

As you said, VCS Expressway Starter Pack is solution for small scale without TMS.

If so, with the requirement of 25 simultaneous calls, this solution includes:

- TelePresence Video Communication Server Starter Pack Express (default license: 5)

- Video Communication Server - 20 Traversal Calls for Cisco VCS Starter Pack.

Is that correct???

Hi Tien,

Yes, thats right. check the below link for more details

Cisco VCS Starter Pack Express. The Starter Pack Express is suitable for small enterprises. It provides device provisioning for a range of endpoint device types, including Movi users, without the need for Cisco TMS. It also includes Expressway and FindMe functionality. The following license restrictions apply to the Starter Pack Express by default:

 50 registrations

 5 calls (any combination of traversal and non-traversal calls); extra call license option keys can be added if required

 900 TURN relays



Thanks so much!

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