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Tandberg C90 Codec & HDMI Problems

I have arrived on a site which is using a dual screen Cisco P65 which uses the C90 codec. The client requires a presentation from an HDMI source to be piped through the codec for remote presenting. So far i've tried to connect an AppleTV and a Laptop to the HDMI inputs on the codec but all that happens is in the system information, under connection status on the touch panel, it flicks between OK and unsupported format.

I've made sure that only one inpout is being used per number per the I/O matrix diagram on the codec but the problem persists. If I connect the AppleTV to the Primary camera input, it is OK, and shows up in the bottom right. Is there some strange HDCP issues here? I'm pretty sure that there shouldnt be.

When using an HDMI to DVI cable, I can get an image on the PC connection from the AppleTV, but it has artefacts, and doesn't support audio. Using the same method, I can't get an image with other HDMI sources. Very odd. Anyone?

Many Thanks


Re: Tandberg C90 Codec & HDMI Problems

Which hardware and software release of the C90 do you use?

I never tried it but if apple tv sends out HDCP I would expect it not to work.

No sound on DVI is correct, as its not supoprted, not sure if the maximum bitrate is

different in combination of the AppleTV and the C90 using HDMI vs. DVI.

Guess there should be more people who tried to hook up an Apple TV.

If you do not get a better answer (and its a non hdmi source)

and you have a valid service contract, consider to escalate this thread as a service request to Cisco TAC.

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