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Tandberg EX90

Does anyone know what type of phone I should define a Tandberg EX90 in Call Manager 7.1?  I am inclined to define it as a third party SIP (advanced), but telepresence and H.323  look like they might apply as well.


Definitely not TelePresence. Third Party SIP Advanced is your best bet. H.323 client may work but you may need a gatekeeper for that.

Some guidance will be available here (although not Tandberg-specific):


Hello, were you able to successfully register and operate EX90 with CUCM?

I am able to recieve calls, but cant make any outbound?

there is menu option of turning the outbound on/off on the phone settings page. If I turn it ON, the phone never registers to CUCM.

Can you please let me know what settings on the phone you applied and what is the format of proxy you set?


I have just been able to get the phone registered.  I am experiencing the same thing, I

can call the EX90 extension from my IP phone, but can not place any calls with it yet.

I don't see an outbound option on my phone settings.  I assume you are talking about the EX90 settings.  I'm running version tc3.12.227244.  In the settings and preferences menu, there are 8 sub menus;  call,  sip, ip, h323, display, ring, date/time and camera settings. 

I'll let you know if I have better luck with h323.


As far as I know, only the "Tandberg" E20 is capable to register directly to the CUCM.

The EX60 will come up shortly after that and the the EX90 will follow.

You will need a new firmware on the Tandberg and I guess there will be a cop-file for CUCM.


The EX90 does not natively register to CUCM at this time, but were looking to add this in software version TC5. The currently solutions is to registered the EX90 to a gatekeeper (VCS) and build a SIP or H225 trunk from the CUCM to the GK


Is there any document that defines which devices can natively register with CUCM?



Unfortunately, we don’t really have such a document that listed the systems that will natively registered to CUCM and currently the only systems that will register to CUCM is the E20 video phone software Ver. TE4, which is released and the SCCP version of the MXP and Classic endpoints that requires a different software load.

However there are documents that do explain how to deploy systems with CUCM which utilize a gatekeeper of some kind. These documents can be found here


anyone know when we can natively register Tandberg EX-90 with CUCM?

CUCM 8.6.1 is the first version to have specific device configurations for the support of EX90/EX60 telepresence units.

I have just downloaded the new version CUCM 8.6, now doing upgrade from 8.5.

Is there CUCM 8.6 and EX90 integration document over there?

Any help is appreciated...

Support for native registration of EX90 to CUCM 8.6 is scheduled for TC5.0 which is not released yet.  When TC5 is released later this year there will be documentation on what is needed to register directly.

I need to register EX60 and EX90 with CUCM 8.0.3 .

Do I need any cop file for CUCM and flash for EX90 and EX60?

Please advice!


Manish Gupta


I suspect you won't be able to register to 8.0(3) unless you configure the EX90 as a advacned 3rd party SIP device. As John notes you need CUCM 8.6 and TC 5.0 for native integration of the EX60/90.



HTH -Bill (b) (t) @ucguerrilla

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Currently we have EX90 which is on TC4.0 , any Idea of upgrading this to TC 5.0 so that it can be registered via CUCM 8.0 as a SIP (Third Party ) Advanced.

Please suggest!



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