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AMA-CUCM Troubleshooting: Best Practices for Reading Trace Files


TC4.2.0 released (new C-Series software)


For those who did not notice, TC4.2 is released

from the release notes:

New features and functionality in TC4.2.0

* Support for Cisco TelePresence MX200

* New software release for Cisco TelePresence PrecisionHD 1080p Camera.

* New features accessible from Touch UI

* New look and feel on the web interface

* Continuous auto focus for EX60/90

* Support for CEC (Consumer Electronics Control)

* Support for unmute when not in conference

* Support for VCS clustering

* 50 Hz output

* Increased video capabilities for CTS C20 when menus are disabled.

* Manually configuration of the RTP ports.

* New API xCommands

* Changed API xCommands

* Removed API xCommands

* New API xConfigurations

* Changed API xConfigurations

* Removed API xConfigurations

* Added API xStatus

* Removed API xStatus

Download location:

I did not find it in the Cisco Software navigator, but I guess this will come soon as well

Please note that as always there is the standard (TC) s52000tc4_2_0.pkg

and the non crypto (TCNC) s52001tcnc4_2_0.pkg version. Dont mix them up.

Before upgrading please read the release notes!

If you your system runs a software (like TC1.x TC2.x TC3.x) you will need a release key.

Greetings, Martin!

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TC4.2.0 released (new C-Series software)

I upgraded my test EX90 yesterday to this firmware. Interesting changes to the web interface. I am on IE7 - does anyone else experience the problem of when they hover over the hyperlinks at the top of the web page to show the options under each header and then go to access one of these options that the pop immediately disappears? I have to hold in the mouse button and drag it to the options and release it only in that area for the pop-up options to remain displaying...

The upgrades to the EX camera look good.   


TC4.2.0 released (new C-Series software)

At least it does not completly surprise me. Did you notice the "Supported browsers: Firefox 3.x and Internet Explorer 8"

on the bottom of the Sign-In screen? ;-)

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TC4.2.0 released (new C-Series software)

Well now that you mention it, I do.

Surprised that there is no backwards compatibility with 7, though...


TC4.2.0 released (new C-Series software)

Just an update that TC4.2.1 is now available, and IE7 support is one of the fixes, which I have successfully tested.

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