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Martin Koch

TC6.2 released (C, EX, MX, SX Series Codecs)

Think it was not mentioned here before, just noticed that TC6.2 got released:

You can find it in the download section:

or simply search in the support header / downloads for your system type (like c40, c60))

Like always, please read the release notes before upgrading!

New features and functionality in TC6.2.0

  •   ChangedBFCPportrange
  •   VideomuteicononEXseries
  •   CameratamperdetectiononPrecisionHD1080p12x
  •   Additionaldialogaddedin“connecttoothercodec”messagewhenTouch8isdisconnectedfrom codec
  •   MoveablePIPonEXseries
  •   Improvedwebinterfacefeatures
  •   Improvedpacketpacingonpresentationchannel
  •   Lync2013integrationforpoint-to-pointcalls(RequiresVCSx8)
  •   CUCMImprovements  
    • CUCM Redundancy support: Failover, Fallback and Call Preservation
    • Improved Provisioning from CUCM
    • Encrypted configuration from CUCM
    • Support for auto discovery of the CUCM
  •   ICEsupport
  •   ActiveControl:ProvidingendusersconferencecontrolwithTelePresenceServer
  •   Newdiagnosticswarningsonwebinterface
  •   Changeofdynamicpayloadtypes–CiscoCUCMstandardisused
  •   ReducedsupportforHTMLtagsinmessagealertandmessagepromptsonscreen
  •   G.729supportforH323calls
  •   VUmeteronwebinterfaceforCseries

and a long list of fixed bugs

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Nick Halbert-Lillyman

Looks good - thanks Martin.

Having a read through the release notes, I notice that if Vlan mode is set to "Auto" it will request TFTP server from DHCP option 150.

We currently have all our units set to auto.  The Voice Vlan has a DHCP scope that issues option 150 for phones and option 242 for TMS (our video units are registered to VCS).  Does anyone know if this will cause me issues?  Once they go to TMS, TMS sets a configuration template and they register to VCS - but if they get option 150 and option 242, will that still work?

Why dont you test and report :-)

I think thats a bit bad documented. I think the only doc I found something more detailed was in the E20

admin guide.

As you are using TMS you could always set the needed parameters before the upgrade.

Not sure how easy it is to identify the Telepresence systems vs. phones based on Mac addresses,

at least the old ones have Tandberg as the Vendor, so you could give the proper device the fitting option.

At least when I just did a tcpdump I saw it requested:

Vendor-Class Option 60, length 18: "TANDBERG:Codec:1.0"

So it causes issues for you and if your DHCP server is clever enough you could only send out 242 to

your codecs, both for devices which do not care, ...

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Tested an upgrade on an EX90 that already TMS configured.  It kept TMS settings and registered to VCS OK.

Paul Woelfel

I installed the cop file on CUCM to upgrade our EX systems, registered to CUCM and noticed following firmware being set as default:


The big question: Is TC 6.2 RC3 the same as the final version?

Anyone from Cisco here, who can answer that question?

BR, Paul

Regards, Paul


Usually it does not go further than RC3


Let me add one tip:

For SX20 endpoints, the upgrade file is s52010tc6_2_0.pkg rather than s52000tc6_2_0.pkg. The upgrade may fail if using the wrong file.

I know that most users are aware about it, but I found some people in Community making confusion with regards the upgrade file used by SX20.


Paulo Souza

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Paulo Souza Was my response helpful? Please rate useful replies and remember to mark any solved questions as "answered".

Yea, valid point on not confusing people +5

The link was an example, thats also why I mentioned to read the release notes as it is nicely described

there which software to use for which endpoint and how the naming works. :-)

Also always better to just search for your system and download whats coming up there.

I updated the initial message pointing to the generic download site.

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Andrew Vasel

Is anyone aware of there being compatibility issues with this firmware rev and IE9? I placed this firmware a couple of days ago on my test EX90 and SX20, and the web GUI appears to be missing overlaid icons.

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