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Justin Grobler

TC6/7 can you hid the clock/calender without hiding the OSD?

Hi all

Just a quick question of is it possable to Hide the clock/calender from the main screen with out hiding the whole OSD?

The units we are using are sx20 with ISDN links and are not connected to the internet so every time these get unpluged the date resets

Thanks Justin


Not that I'm aware of, think the only control you have is simply to turn on/off the entire OSD.

Wayne DeNardi
VIP Advisor

Hi Justin,

As Patrick has responded above, no, there doesn't appear to be any way of turning just the clock and calendar off.  If this is something that is important for you, I'd suggest you raise a feature request through your local Cisco representative to try to have the ability to do this added to a future software release.

One work around that we use for sites that have units that operate over ISDN is to also connect them to the LAN at that site - they can then get their time from the LAN, as well as provide managment capabilities via the web browser, etc.  All calls can still be set to H.320 and go out the ISDN Link.  (We do this with some of the older Edge95 devices too - calls over ISDN - management over LAN).



Please remember to rate responses and to mark your question as answered if appropriate.

Please remember to rate responses and to mark your question as answered if appropriate.

Hi Justin, Wayne,

Logging into the SX20 via the web interface I have discovered the following options  (TCS6.3.0)

Under Configuration -> System Configuration -> Video      the following appear under the group labelled OSD

Mode = ON      This shows the onscreen Menus, icons and indicators.

Mode = OFF     Hides the onscreen Menus, icons and indicators    (this is what Patrick has indicated)

Todays Bookings = ON      Shows the meetings area under the clock

Todays Bookings = OFF     Hides the scheduled meetings.

It appears the clock cannot be hidden

I have also checked the settings in TCS 7.0.2 - they are the same .

In the settings under Time (format / timezone) - it would be good if Cisco could add a feature to show / hide the clock.



Justin Grobler

Thanks everyone for looking.

At this stage we cannot connect these units to the local network because of security issues (government environment)

Looks like the only option is to have Cisco add the feature.



All they have to do is get to an NTP server, what about using your local network, but don't allow them any access beyond what you specify, such as just the NTP servers?

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