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TCS login



I have a tcs configured and i have added in local dns server a new HOST A with a resolution name more easy for entry to TCS, example:


Ip -

Computer Name : Ciscotcsserver001

Dns Record Type A:


When from my internet explorer navigator i put , appears the login information. For example, i entry administrator and password and  i can access right. Also, when from my navigator i put the computer name: http;//ciscotcsserver001/tcs, also work right. 

The problem is when from my navigator i put When put any user and password (local or domain), not working right . I can´t validate my users in the tcs. 


Someone know why happen this ??





none know how can i solve this problem?

When you're logging in as one of your domain users, use the "DOMAIN\username" format in the username field.

Please remember to rate responses and to mark your question as answered if appropriate.

Please remember to rate responses and to mark your question as answered if appropriate.

Thanks for your reply. 

This is not the issue. I have tried:

 - computername\"localuser"

- localuser

- DOMAIN\"domainuser"


None works... however, when i start the website with ip address or computer name, work properly. I have tried several tcs and all work the same. 






I have the same problem. After you have tried to log on with your domain\user a pop-up for new credentials appear (trying to view videos) and no known credentials work. If you do RDP to server and use the Admin Recovery URL you don't get the pop-up, but can't access the videos through the TCS GUI (Silverlight, Vindows Media GUI player, Download media)... :-(


I have had TAC working on it for two days and the said I needed to reinstall the server. I did and got the same problem again! No erros when reinstalling...



I´m not sure if your issue is same that my issue. Finally, i can solve it, this was the assigned dns name (address to website access) because this contained a "_" . Please, check this link:




OK thanks!


I actually use the "-" in my host name. Also I'm using a friendly alias like:


Comuputer name: USNY1234.domain.local

DNS Alias:


The Certificate is for

I do not know if that could cause some issue because its's the "" server that is asking for the unknown credentials...


Thanks anyway.

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