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Nick Boylan

TCS showing incorrect low disk space

I have just become aware of some problems with our TCS's. Take for example what we call TCS3, in the log you will see error messages relating to disk space. However when I look at the server overview it shows:

C: 34% free or 5.03 GB

E: 97% or 197 GB

|TCS-content-share 35% or 1375 GB

From what I can see there is no disk space shortage so not sure what it reporting against,

This is affecting actual recordings

Can anyone suggest anything?

Thank you

Magnus Ohm
Cisco Employee

Hi Nick

The TCS will not be able to receive or make calls if the free space on the drive the TCS is storing content on is less then 5%.

The Content Server is out of disk space. Less than  5% disk space remains free on the C: or E: drive or on the network  attached storage (NAS).


might signify that  the Content Server has lost connection to the NAS. Current calls are  dropped, and new calls or offline transcoding jobs are not accepted. To  exit Error mode, free up disk space, or, if the storage location is on a  NAS (see below), check the NAS, the share permissions and the network.


Magnus Ohm
Cisco Employee


Or if the error is not valid, try to run the Repair function on the TCS.


Is there a log somewhere on the TCS that would tell me if it had lost connection with the NAS as I think this is the most likely cause, either that or it’s an invalid error.

Hi Nick

I had the same issue before once where the NAS disconnected and the same behavior your describe here happened there as well so this can be a likely cause.

I do not remember where we can see if but it should be in one of the logs. I would recommend you to open a TAC case on this to get someone look at the logs to confirm that this is the issue.


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