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TelePresence Codian IP GW 3510 Dial Plan Issue

Setting up a dial plan on port A (internal) to allow a short code to be dialled to push off to an MCU hosted on a Private WAN accessed via port A.  Calls coming in from CUCM 6.1.2 from IP phone with VTA.  I have configured a test dial plan as follows:

Name test

Condition - Called number matches 1

Action - Call this number <ip address of remote MCU> H.323 without gatekeeper.

I have tested the dial plan but the call fails to connect.  Have run a connection test from the ip gw and the ping/traceroute complete no issues.

If I dial the IP GW and enter the IP Address directly using the keypad then the call connects to the remote MCU without a problem.

Any suggestions on what is different between a call initiated by a dial plan as opposed to entering the ip address manually?  And how to resolve the issue?

IP GW is running 2.0(1.11) code

Any help/guidance appreciated.



Martin Koch

At least here for me with a VCS it works fine to define a direct dial in number and then dial up an ip-address.

Not sure if the e164 signaling from the cucm is different. Enabling some debugging, especially h323

could help you to see more what actually drops in to the box.

So I would not guess that the dialing is different, but maybe you just how you drop in to the box.

Also be aware that the dial plan order can be important.

Eg, you have a alias 1 first, then 10 would not work, but if 10 is first also 1 would work

Did you try other dial plan options, do they work properly?

As a workaround you could define a IVR and then menu option x for your MCU.

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Many thanks for the response. Other options seem to work for the dialing number but i have them going out the external interface. Aware of the order of the number patterns but thanks for mentioning it.

Re the IVR on the MCU issue i have is it is not my MCU. hence trying to create a short dial to it. might just have to setup a new address in the end points address books.

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