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Mark Soto

TelePresence Conductor Usage Report - Limited Date Range (XC4.1)

I have a customer looking for Usage reports from Conductor. I am able to pull a usage report, but the range is limited. Logs are only available from 2016-03-18 to 2016-04-21. Is there a way to adjust the range? I have pored through the admin guide and ran through Conductor menus with no luck!


The usage report is only capable of saving up to 10GB of log entries, so if you're Conductor is handling a large amount of conference and calls, your date range might be small because of the amount of data from the conferences and calls that is having to be saved.

Thank you, Patrick! Do you know if there is any way to manipulate the range or any way to ensure the Conductor handles the most recent 10GB of traffic? Also, is there a way to clear the old traffic? If not, can this usage report be pointed to a syslog server?

There is no way that I'm aware of to change the date range, or the file size of the log where the data is stored.  Conductor is capable of sending logs to a remote syslog server, however I don't know if the usage report data is included, and it's not mentioned in the admin guide.

Ok, thank you. I opened a ticket and found that there is actually a bug associated with this issue. I am going to restart tonight. I also have a follow up question out regarding the syslog server. Thanks for your help!

CSCuy15780 - No log messages due to log4cxx: No appender could be found for logger 

Conditions: Syslog logging buffer is reached  

Workaround: Reboot or Restart the Conductor.

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