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Telepresence for a small Audion

      What is the best way to use Telepresence in a small Audion/Auditorium (less than 30 people).  My company want to be able to use our Telepresence system in the Audion to interact with multiple sites during a company meeting.  We currently use SX20's on mobile carts and other smaller endpoint devices.  The Audions have HD projectors and their own cameras for filming Audion events.  Are there Telepresence endpoints or intergators that can make an Audion system part of the Telepresence system?  Suggestions welcomed.

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Telepresence for a small Audion

I guess one of the first questions is what budget you have and what you expect,

incl. how many in and outputs you need.

In the old Tandberg times you had a T3 custom edition. This would be three

c90 with 3 screens and cameras which was a real three screen telepresence

system in what ever kind of enviroment. (you find some pictures if you google for it).

As you might have seen the SX20 is great for a small (and mobile) system, but

its not an integrator codec. The C90/C60/C40 are the integrators codecs which could fit.

Check out your regioal Cisco TelePresence partner, at least my employer is also an

AV integrator and I would not expect that we are the only one :-)

Often its a combination of a room control system, a sound system, proper light,

multiple screens / projectors / camera and sure the TelePresence system.

Good success!

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Telepresence for a small Audion

Thanks for responding Mark. 

The budget is unclear (of course).  I've got to determine if there is already a solution for this type of conferencing environment or if we need to change the environment to allow for the telepresence service.  Checked out the A/V hardware they have today and none of it is HD so I suspect we have some extensive changes to make.  I will look up the old tandberg system you listed and see if I can get an idea.  But I am still interested in suggestions.

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