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Eddie Bedon

Telepresence MSE 8510 media Blade not sending packets over network


I was wondering if you have seen this problem in the past. My company just recently pruchased two extra Telepresence 8510 Media blades to increase our capcity on our 8000 Chassis. The blades were each installed and configured per the cisco PDF instructions with the same network settings as the old baldes. After setup we are unable to access the new blades through their web interface. When accessing the supervisor blade it states that the new blades is are all "OK" but we still can't access it through it IP address. When going to the Port A connection of the new blades I can see in the ethernet status that the blades are receiving packets from the network but not sending any. Any thoughts on what can be the problem?

Nick Halbert-Lillyman

When you say you can't access them, do you mean you can't browse to them or you can't even ping them?

If you can't ping them, I'd check the default gateway settings - connect from something in the same subnet to see if you can access them from there then change the default gateway.

Martin Koch

Dont get the point "as the old blades" as you wrote before "extra 8510 blases"

* All blades need to have their unique IP address

* if using multiple 8510 blades clustering will make sense, this needs to be properly configured and also need

unique ip addresses per each blade, see the cisco doc for more info on how to set up a cluster.

* like nick said, can you ping them?

* reboot the blades is worth a try

* check that the ip, network mask and default gw are really correct

* connect a serial terminal to the mcu and try to check the network settings and do some outbound pings

* try to connect your laptop (with the right subnet configured) directly with an ethenet cable to the port of the mcu and see if you can reach it.

* check the switch, vlan, cables, ...

In general generic network trouble shooting.

Also check how you access the mcu. If you had a bookmark before it might point to https and

if you have a fresh blade there might be no encryption key on it so its only reachable via http.

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Please remember to rate helpful responses and identify

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