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Chris Brumley

TelePresence MX800 Dual and Self View

Is there a setting that will allow me to have self view be full screen every single time? Currently I maximized it from the touch panel as the local view while the remote view is on the opposite monitor. As soon as the view changes or content is shown it then reverts back to the PIP view while the rest of the screen has the blank gray haze.

Patrick McCarthy
Cisco Employee

Yes. Assuming you are running the latest code (CE8.2) see page 103. If you are running TC code just download the API guide for that, the syntax is different but it will be in the doc.

I'll give this a shot but since you mentioned the latest code ... I recently installed some MX800s and they came installed with TC7.3.6 so should I move these away from TC and over to CE?

Hi Chris - yes. TC code will only be in maintenance mode going forward (bug fixes, etc), any future features will be on CE. Proximity for example - not officially supported on TC, but is on CE. 

Try the following setting, it will make selfview fullscreen and appear on the second monitor anytime presentation content isn't active, however when content is show it will minimize out of the way.

Video SelfviewDefault FullscreenMode On

Video SelfviewDefault OnMonitorRole Second

Patrick..or anyone, is there a way to have both video and content on one screen and self view on another?

No, you cannot have full screen self view on while in a call with content, just PIP only. 


I have to ask, why would anyone want to do this? 

Sure, we have a large conference room with about 40 to 50 people where an operator needs to aim the camera at who is talking. Our room has a single large dropdown screen which works fine for viewing video and or content and video at the same time.

Our users also want to see who in the room the camera the camera is aimed at so we added a second 60" LCD to the codec to put the self-view there but, when we use it, we cannot get content and video on the large from the other end goes to the second monitor when content is displayed. Also, our operator uses presets to get to the general location of the person talking and then makes small adjustments from there. So besides people in the room needed to see who the camera is on, having a constant feed of the video for the operator is ideal.

Any ideas any may have to solve this would be really helpful.

What codec are you using? SX80 or MX700/800? You might be able to get what you want by adding a third monitor, but not 100% sure of that. Easy enough to try with just a TV or computer monitor for testing. 

I have room kit plus codec.  I have somewhat managed to workaround the issue by putting an HDMI splitter between the camera and the codec.  Then, I run one HDMI from the splitter to the codec which outputs to our projection system, and the other HDMI output from the splitter direct to a TV.  That works fine but now I need to disable the PIP that shows up on the projection screen when you move the camera.  Is there a way to do that or is there another codec that would accomplish all this rather easily?






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