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Telepresence:Unable to acces history.xml in CE releases

Issue: Unable to access history.xml for the device Cisco WebEx room 55


- Software Version: ce9.5.1 

- Able to access the other xml pages example: http://<<Endpoint IP>>/status.xml, Same way able to view configuration.xml

- But unable to view history.xml(refer attached)

- Able to access the history.xml page for the other devices running with TC releases

- Even tried for other devices running with CE release, same result

- Is there any changes or limitations with CE release? I could not get any info on API & Admin Guides


Kindly help.

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CE is not a newer version of TC - they changed the letters to indicate that. For example - if you have an SX80 with Crestron integration and upgrade to CE, you will break the integration. Many things are different, including (but not limited to) those history and configuration xml pages no longer exist. 


What information are you looking for in the history page?

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@vinothbalaji.dd wrote:

I could not get any info on API & Admin Guides

The API Guide for what you are able to achieve with CE9 is available on the cisco site, but what you can do in the CE software will differ from the old TC software.  Moving from TC to CE, there are a number of things that you will need to consider and any applications or processes that you use will need to be updated to whatever is available in the new version.   There are some things (like what you could do with the compositor in TC software) that are no longer available in CE.

You can get the Call History using:

xCommand CallHistory Get

In newer versions of CE (CE9.7.0 or later), then you also have the ability to use the xAPI over WebSocket so you could query the endpoint programatically and receive the result back in a structured format you can then process.

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